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UniGe and Rulex: together for training and research

June 8, 2022

Genoa, 8 June 2022UniGe (University of Genoa) and Rulex, the digital transformation and artificial intelligence specialists, have signed an agreement to strengthen their training and research partnership, aiming to support students as they move from university into the world of employment.

At the core of the agreement is UniGe’s involvement in the Rulex University Program, which offers university students online study pathways and professional certifications in subjects ranging from data collection and analysis to using AI algorithms to predict future scenarios and optimise industrial processes.

“The wireless telecoms networks of the future will enable much faster data transfer speeds than we see today, a greater number of connected devices and much higher volumes of traffic, with very few delays. This will enable us to create applications that were unthinkable until very recently. The ability to manage and process Big Data using artificial intelligence-based models, algorithms and software will be strategic both in developing new services and guaranteeing security”, explains Professor Mario Marchese, Telecommunications lecturer at UniGe and Deputy Rector for the PhD program.

The online courses are an option for the Master’s Degree in Computer Science supervised by Professor Alessandro Verri, and are designed to be accessible to all UniGe students.

Rulex Academy gives students from all faculties, scientific or not, the skills they need to analyze and process data, an increasingly fundamental requirement for the world of work”, says Claire Thomas Gaggiotti, Head of Rulex Academy.

As well as UniGe, other international universities have chosen to include Rulex Academy’s educational programs within their curricula. New York University (NYU) runs the Rulex Data-Driven Marketing course as part of its Master in Integrated Marketing, in association with Professor Federico Salvitti; Tuskegee University has been readying students for the world of work with Rulex’s professional courses for over 4 years, under the leadership of Professor Jack Crumbly.

The new agreement confirms the long-term research partnership between UniGe and Rulex, alongside prestigious global partners. “Genoa is a world-leader in artificial intelligence; the synergy between the university and the company will be vital in developing a virtuous circle in both Italy and Europe”, explains Enrico Ferrari, Head of R&D Projects.

A global-minded company with its heart in Genoa, Rulex has always worked with the University of Genoa, running internships and experimental theses that often lead to lasting working relationships and permanent contracts. “Doing work experience with us helps students hone their practical skills, narrowing the gap between university and employment, and making it easier for recent graduates to embark on their careers”, comments Clio Caminati, Head of HR, Finance and Administration Italy.



University of Genoa contact:
Eliana Ruffoni
[email protected]
392 0236359

Rulex contact:
Clio Caminati
[email protected]
389 4347287

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