Optimizing process efficiency for peak performance

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Business process optimization is vital for companies – driving efficiency, reducing costs, improving decision-making, and contributing to overall competitiveness and sustainability.

Rulex Platform empowers organisations to gain competitive advantage by providing a flexible optimization tool that easily adapts to rapidly changing business scenarios, enabling users to independently manage solutions while achieving top results.

Optimizing process efficiency for peak performance





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How Rulex data-driven optimization is different

Do away with mathematical formulas

Do away with mathematical formulas

Most optimization solutions typically involve formulating complex mathematical formulas, demanding a considerable level of expertise.

Rulex Platform empowers business users to define values and constraints through an intuitive syntax. This entire process can be performed on familiar spreadsheets, like MS Excel.

Stop relying on programmers

Unlike conventional optimization methods, Rulex Platform eliminates the need to build optimization models programmatically using scripts.

Simply drag the rules and data onto the canvas, and the model is automatically constructed. No scripts also means a streamlined process, devoid of debugging, maintenance and additional programming costs.

Stop relying on programmers
Don’t worry about constraints

Don’t worry about constraints

Rulex Platform can efficiently handle thousands of variables, generating a constraint matrix within seconds.

Empowering business experts, it allows them to independently modify values and constraints, swiftly adapting to changes, and delivering updated results in a matter of minutes.


Optimization solutions in the supply chain

Cascade optimization in warehouse replenishment

Warehouse replenishment in the supply chain is traditionally a cumbersome and error-prone task, prompting many companies to explore vertical planning systems. However, these systems often fall short in providing the flexibility needed to navigate dynamic markets.

Rulex stands out by automating 100% of planning decisions, offering unparalleled adaptability to customer scenarios. It excels in handling corner cases and exceptions, which can account for more than 20% of the total planning volume.

In a recent application at a F50 supply chain client, Rulex implemented a cascade solution to efficiently manage over 130 different priorities in warehouse replenishment. The solution resulted in an 8% reduction in stock/overstock, decreased planner time requirements, and substantial daily savings.

Transport Optimization For Fast End-To-End Plans

In the realm of transport optimization, handling exceptions is crucial, often necessitating manual intervention to address urgent challenges. When coupled with limited temporal visibility, this frequently results in last-minute, costly solutions and disruptions in customer service.

To overcome these challenges, Rulex Platform offers a powerful transport optimization solution capable of automatically generating a daily end-to-end plan within a 30-day temporal horizon in under one hour.

By incorporating various constraints, including truck and location capacities, work shifts, carrier calendars, and delay penalties, the solution has recently demonstrated significant outcomes: an 18% reduction in spot shipments, decreased reliance on express services, and 66% reduction in planner time.

Production and Shift Schedules Optimization

Effectively organizing shift schedules within a global corporation poses a multifaceted challenge, entailing considerations of legal requirements, operational needs, and the diverse skills and preferences of employees.

Rulex has assisted a global corporation in organizing shift schedules together with their extremely complex production planning, efficiently handling thousands of variables and constraints.

The solution resulted in a 75% reduction in full-time equivalents (FTEs) involved in the planning process.

Additionally, the system played a key role in eliminating unfair treatment affecting employees. This not only streamlined the scheduling process but also fostered a more equitable and efficient work environment for the company.

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