Predictive Decision-Making with Rulex
Augmented Decisions
Executives and Managers Make More Insightful Decisions

Gain new expert knowledge.

Find hidden risks and opportunities.

Assure regulatory compliance.

Revise strategies for new challenges.

Automated Decisions
Applications Make Their Own Decisions Without Human Help

Find and fix data errors.

Eliminate low-value expert tasks.

Reduce exceptions and rework.

Adapt to changing process conditions.

Autonomous Decisions
Devices Make Decisions Without Need for Cloud Services

Real-time predictive event response.

Eliminate massive data traffic.

Eliminate risk of device hacking.

Assure regulatory compliance.

What is Rulex?
Rulex is a new kind of AI platform, born from advanced government and academic machine learning research, and proven by years of deployment in diverse industries. Rulex’s unique logic-based approach to predictive analytics enables business and process experts to rapidly create and deploy AI applications with no need for math or programming skills.
Graphical tools for discovering and understanding the most relevant data.
Automated model building software for creating logical business rules.
Graphical tools for testing, editing, and publishing optimum business rules.
Software runtimes for batch and real-time predictions on servers or devices.