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Improve the agility of your data in a user-friendly platform to take better decisions and boost efficiency
Rulex Platform
Type of Data

Any type of data

Import and export data in many different formats, then simply reshape and merge the files into a single spreadsheet, ready for analysis.

Type of Source

From any data source

Retrieve data from any type of local or remote data source, making your databases interact with each other in a single working environment.

For any budget

For any budget

Whether you're running your own business, or part of an international enterprise, there is a pricing plan to suit your budget, starting from €95/month.

Alessandro Piazza, Junior Data Scientist, Rulex

Nail any data operation

Put your data to work through a multitude of tools, from data prep, to rule engines, machine learning, optimization, and dashboarding, all in the same user-friendly platform.

Data wrangling

Import, transform, and blend data from multiple sources and multiple formats

Rule engine

Create, integrate, and apply business and machine learning extracted rules

Advanced statistics

Perform advanced analytics to further research


Find optimum solutions for complex business scenarios

AI forecasting

Perform predictive analytics with machine learning algorithms, including explainable AI


Create interactive dashboards to wow your stakeholders

Build for any infrastructure

Rulex Platform can be deployed with the infrastructure that works best for your organization, overcoming the initial upheaval of installation. Whatever the architecture, the highest standards of security and performance are constantly maintained, while guaranteeing a consistent intuitive user experience.

On premise / cloud (Azure®  , GCP®  , AWS®   )


Client / server

Build for any infrastructure
For any industry

We currently have many vertical solutions in these areas

For your everyday data management



I manage inventory levels, execute orders, and track delivery performance for a major supply chain.
Rulex’s data-driven tech optimizes my transportation plan, reducing delays and penalties.
While cutting delivery costs, I also do my part for the planet lightening my company's carbon footprint.



I have the mammoth job of working out the school timetable for all classes every year.
Rulex Platform works out the best school timetable for me - considering student, teacher and classroom availabilities.
I can factor in changes at any time, and make sure the teachers don’t end up totally frazzled.



I work with sensitive data related to bank customer loans.
Rulex's eXplainable AI calculates the credit risk of potential borrowers, while respecting GDPR and eliminating bias.
When it comes to loan granting, I can always take the best decision, even on a bad horoscope day.



I extract actionable insights from my company’s data.
Rulex Platform produces optimum, error-free code, so I get faster and better results.
Although I love Python, self-coding means I have more time at the end of my day to relax with a cup of tea.



I give presentations on business KPIs and results to stakeholders.
Rulex Platform lets me build great interactive dashboards to present my results.
Dynamic dashboards are a real wow-factor, and no-one has ever fallen asleep during one of my presentations.



I generate data-driven market insights from e-commerce data.
Rulex Platform collects data from different sources into a single working space.
I can do the warehouse inventory five times faster with Rulex Platform then when I used standard spreadsheets.


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