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Building a resilient supply chain

Optimize supply chains

Improve every step of your supply chain journey. Our no-code platform enhances the quality of master data to offer you a set of optimization solutions, from inventory planning to distribution network. Relying on trusted data-driven analytics, you can proactively prevent critical issues from arising, making crucial real-time adjustments.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Advance financial services

Build trust in your data and manage them with confidence. Our user-friendly platform empowers financial institutions with transparent data-driven insights to improve key financial processes. We put eXplainable AI in the hands of business experts, so they can develop advanced financial models and improve decision-making.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Learn all you need to make data-driven decisions

Rulex Academy will teach you all you need to know to analyse your data, build your first workflows, get to grips with algorithms, and quickly optimize complex processes with our self-paced, interactive online training courses.

Helping enterprises win
Helping Enterprises Win
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Rulex has consistently outperformed our expectations in both application and support. Some of our largest and most complex projects that face our Global Technology group (GT) have been entrusted to Rulex and every time it has delivered. Rulex has converted so many failing projects into successful on-time deliveries, that it is now considered a preferred tool for all new projects.
As one of our planning team-members once said, "It truly is the swiss-army knife for any project involving data".
The decision to incorporate Rulex in our architectural design has been the best decision that GT has made in the last 10 years.

Carl Lundgren

BI Lead, ADM

What businesses really need is not so much predictive algorithms, but a solution that helps them take decisions: a Digital Decision platform which combines artificial intelligence, heuristic rules and explainability.

Franco Saracco

Sales Executive Director, GFT

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having optimal, dynamic pricing as conditions change is more important than ever in our business. Mobly has been implementing automated pricing since 2016, but with 230,000 SKUs, it was humanly impossible to manage that volume. Without AI and machine learning, it was hard to understand the relationships among competitor pricing and how other products affect outcomes. Thanks to our partner Analytics2Go, we have started using Rulex to capture the effect of external factors on our margin generation. They’re very transparent both in their approach and in discussing what’s working well or not. The greatest advantage, besides finding the optimal solution, is the speed in reaction time it affords us. With the AI algorithms running all the time, we get the results we need for decision making in real time.

Victor Noda

CEO, Mobly

I have taught students the Rulex AI application for the past four years. The Rulex AI application provides students the ability to understand data analytics processes such as Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL), Business Flows, Data Transformation and Data Cleansing. Students have provided feedback from internships and early job placements with great feedback of how Rulex benefited them or how Rulex could improve their assignments.

Jack Crumbly

PhD, Associate Professor, Management Department Chair, Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science, Tuskegee University

“Democratization”, this was the final implementation phase in the EGO-Datalake project. Our goal was to enable business users to independently extract value from data by implementing analysis and processing models. In this phase, Rulex was one of the key tools which lead to our success story.

Matteo Fattore

CTO, Gruppo EGO

Rulex took my research team beyond the scope of standard statistics. Together, we applied their artificial intelligence algorithms in novel ways for my patients with Down syndrome.

Brian Skotko

M.D., M.P.P. Medical Geneticist, Associate Professor, MassGeneral Hospital | Harvard Medical School


Shine with Rulex

Tired of switching platforms between corporate teams and departments?
Rulex contains all you need in a single environment, satisfying the needs of business and IT experts thanks to it’s no-code platform.

Business User
Rulex Business User

You seek an efficient, fast, and user-friendly tool which can help you take strategic decisions. Rulex has developed a software that does exactly that. Thanks to its no-code interface, you can develop data-driven solutions independently, accelerating time-to-market and business results. With Rulex, you can work independently, without having to constantly ask data scientists for technical support. Most Rulex projects go from ideas to production process in less than 4 weeks, saving you precious time.

Data Scientist

Rulex Data Scientist

Despite its no-code platform, you’ll have plenty of chance to flex your creative muscles. While offering a wide range of features for simplifying routine work (e.g. data preparation, eXplainable AI algorithms, optimization tasks), our platform provides maximum flexibility by integrating the most common programming languages, such as R and Python. This means you can speed up activities and dedicate more time to creating prediction and optimization models. Once tested, your models can be put into production, where you can constantly monitor their correct functioning while evaluating solutions for their optimization.

Data Analyst
Rulex Data Analyst

Tired of wasting time switching between different spreadsheets, and copying-and-pasting tables? We are here to help you out. Rulex offers an integrated no-code platform which makes data preparation and pre-processing incredibly fast, allowing you to always have ready-to-use data for your activities, from data visualization to machine learning, in just a few clicks.

IT Specialist
Rulex IT Specialist

IT specialists are essential for the success of any project. Managing the deployment of a new model in production is a delicate process, where system complexity and model rigidity often combine. Rulex makes production deployment smoother and easier, thanks to a flexible API, no-code workflows, and useful additional features, such as alerting, modules, and workflow macros.

Rulex Executive

Taking strategic decisions is the daily task of all executives. What if we told you that Rulex offers a solution to power and speed up the decision-making process? Rulex’s platform provides you with explainable data-driven insight for taking decisions faster and with more confidence. But this is not the only advantage to choosing Rulex. Thanks to its eXplainable AI and a no-code interface, business users, data scientists, data analysts, and IT specialists can work together on a single platform. Using a unified tool simplifies communication, facilitates project management, and accelerates production.


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