Business rule engine for empowered decision-making

When it comes to managing business rules for taking informed decisions or validating data, Rulex Rule Engine handles the complexity of diverse scenarios with ease.

The Rule Engine serves as a powerful tool for defining and applying business rules to data, providing users with complete control over every aspect of the management process, from the definition of rules with a simple if-then syntax in a spreadsheet, to their customization, including priorities and cycles, and finally the analysis of clear and explainable results.





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How the Rule Engine sets itself apart

Straightforward rule import and application

Straightforward rule import and application

To apply rules to data, simply connect a dataset to the Rule Engine along with the file containing business rules.

Within its WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface, Rulex Platform enables you to effortlessly import information stored in various formats and diverse data sources, whether they are spreadsheets on a laptop or files in cloud storage.

Independent rule definition and management

Our engine supports rules defined with a simple if-when-then syntax, which can be written in an external configuration file, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

This empowers business experts to efficiently define, modify, and test rules without changing the workflow, thereby eliminating the need for additional programming costs, and expediting the entire rule management process. Simple yet powerful, these rules can adapt to complex scenarios through the integration of functions and mathematical formulas.

Independent rule definition and management
In-depth rule customization

In-depth rule customization

Specify in its status whether a rule is no longer in use, needs further adjustments, or should be applied. Choose application cycles strategically, integrating newly created rules in subsequent cycles. Assign priorities when multiple rules apply to the same data. Lastly, determine the level of information to visualize in the results.

The Rule Engine provides comprehensive control over every aspect of the rule application process, ensuring it perfectly reflects your business reality.


Hands-on Rule Engine solutions


It’s crucial for companies to ensure the quality of their data to avoid off-key forecasts and market losses.

By generating “Valid”, “Not valid”, or “Not applicable” results as output for anomaly records, the Rule Engine facilitated the prompt exclusion of data not required for further analysis before verifying successive, more intricate conditions.

If-then assignment rules then streamlined the creation of new attributes, which were used in the final rule application cycle.

These techniques accelerated the validation process for a major supplier company, resulting in the correction of over 200 thousand records out of the 5 million in the original dataset.


Insurance companies must adeptly predict, explain, investigate, and prevent fraud in real time while managing extensive rulesets.

In an award-winning solution for a leading insurance company, Rulex played a crucial role in pinpointing and improving the most impactful claim assessment rules, reducing their overall number by 50%.

Rulex Rule Engine further enhanced the process by assigning prediction confidence to results, swiftly identifying instances where Rulex’s eXplainable AI algorithm and the company’s rules produced the same outcome. The overall solution led to savings of over 50 million euros.


Global corporations have to consistently face challenges in product availability, where the absence of specific materials can significantly impact the production of multiple items, potentially resulting in substantial business losses.

Rulex successfully assisted global supply chain corporations in identifying critical materials for their flagship products and verifying whether they were sourced from the minimum number of suppliers stipulated by the company.

The solution facilitated the diversification of key suppliers, thereby mitigating the risk of damaging business disruptions.

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