2023 Genoa Science Festival

Rulex highlights applications of eXplainable AI at Genoa Science Festival

September 25, 2023

Genoa Science Festival · Oct 26 – Nov 5 2023 | Anno XXI

Rulex is thrilled to participate in the 2023 edition of the Science Festival in Genoa, Italy.
The twenty-first edition of the Genoa Science Festival, themed “Footprints”, will be held from October 26th to November 5th, at some of the city’s most charming and historically significant venues.

Festival della Scienza 2023

Rulex will be located at the Palazzo della Borsa, hosting a workshop titled “Tracking down the Fraudster” (“Sulle orme del truffatore”). During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to analyze the data provided by an insurance company, learning how to tell apart genuine claims from suspicious incidents and downright frauds. Their deductions will then be compared to those generated by the “Logic Learning Machine” (LLM); an explainable AI algorithm created by Rulex’s visionary founder. This algorithm lies at the core of an award-winning fraud detection solution, trusted by some of Italy’s major insurance companies and financial institutions. Unlike its competitors, the LLM generates crystal-clear rules that can be easily integrated with business experts’ knowledge and applied to new data to classify results. Its transparency makes it particularly suitable for ethically sensitive sectors, while also ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Marco Muselli - CEO Rulex
Marco Muselli – CEO at Rulex

Rulex’s CEO, Marco Muselli, enthusiastically remarked, “We have unwavering faith in the potential of young minds and the future they represent. This dedication is reflected in our workforce, with an average age of just thirty years, and our firm commitment to allocate 60 percent of our profits to research and development. You can imagine our enthusiasm about taking part in an internationally renowned event on scientific dissemination. The theme ‘Footprints’ also perfectly reflects what we do every day: following the information contained in data to improve business processes through technology accessible to everyone.”

Please note that, while English language support is available, the workshop has primarily been designed for an Italian-speaking audience.

About Rulex

Rulex helps people and organizations to harness their data and make smart decisions, through a user-friendly end-to-end data management platform. With advanced optimization, innovative explainable AI, and a wide range of machine learning tools, Rulex delivers high-quality, trusted, and production-ready solutions for various industries, including supply chain, financial services, manufacturing, and marketing.

For additional information:
Claire Thomas Gaggiotti
Head of Communications
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Sulle orme del truffatore

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