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Want to outshine your competitors? All you need is a disruptive platform at your side, which has been recognized as a leading technology by the main advisory groups in the field (Gartner and Forrester) and prestigious research institutes (MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge Massachusetts).

Here at Rulex, we believe in the creation of an ecosystem of international and cross-industry partners to satisfy our current and future clients and to achieve great business outcomes.

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Why become a Rulex partner

Outshine competitors

Outshine competitors

Stand out from the competition by becoming a leader in technology innovation. Our software is a cutting-edge tool for the management of big data. Partner with us to put data to work, turning them into improved and fast business actions.

Empower people

Empower people

Be part of the technology revolution that puts data in the hands of people and institutions by employing eXplainable AI. Learn how to manage a user-friendly tool that empowers every user (not just data experts) by providing understandable data-driven insight.

Stay customer-centric

Stay customer-centric

Count on the ultimate platform for unlocking the potential of data to increase your customer offer. Provide your customers with the unexpected and foresee their future needs to strengthen relationships and improve client acquisition.

Marco Muselli

Marco Muselli - CEO Rulex

The opportunities in the field of digital technology are immense, and we are always looking for new partnerships to seize them immediately. Together with our partners, we collaborate to produce innovative solutions and satisfy customer needs.

As our partner, you will have all the resources you need at your disposal, our people will be ready to support you. We will help you achieve your business goals by showing the power behind data-driven technology and where you can get the maximum return on investment.

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