OMP and Rulex partner to drive innovation in the data value chain

OMP and Rulex partner to drive innovation in the data value chain

June 7, 2022

ATLANTA, GA — June 7, 2022OMP and Rulex join forces to bring innovative data value stream technologies into supply chain management.

Both companies’ emphasis on innovation and customer value, OMP’s Unison PlanningTM Solution combined with the unique Rulex approach to data quality and decision automation, will allow customers to implement a more robust and automated data-driven supply chain planning process.

Building trust in the decision-making process

In today’s complex business environment, it is increasingly critical to make the right supply chain planning decisions. Planners need to provide reliable, accurate, and trusted inputs to supply chain processes, making sense of the huge volumes of master and operational data from a wide variety of sources. Data quality is often low due to multiple different formats and, inevitably, human error creeps in.

OMP Unison Planning™ optimizes an organization’s supply chain — from sales and operations to logistics and procurement — ensuring the company is aligned on strategic goals, and is the trusted solution adopted by Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and BASF.

“Data quality is a primary concern in every transformation initiative,” says Jan Snoeckx, OMP Innovation Lead. “Our customers are looking for innovative ways to prepare the necessary data in an automated way, by providing business users with a solution to quickly integrate new insights into master and transactional data. Above all, that process needs to be transparent and explainable, so that planning processes and decision-making run smoother with better trust in the underlying data.”

Rulex Platform integrates data-driven knowledge with human expertise, automating repetitive tasks and decision-making. But, to make a real difference, experts must be able to trust technical innovation. This is precisely why Rulex Platform is 100% no-code, and its eXplainable AI produces clear and understandable results, giving supply chain managers full visibility of the entire process and full control over final decisions.

“It is common to feel simply overwhelmed by an overabundance of data and tools, with many companies struggling to find any tangible business insights,” says Massimiliano Costacurta, Rulex Head of Marketing and Sales for Industry, “Rulex supports companies through every step in the data value chain, so they can quickly transform their raw data into practical business actions in a single tool.”

“Teaming up with OMP, and their in-depth knowledge of supply chain planning, means our customers can develop a solid and superior data value chain, resulting in better decision-making and clear business benefits.”

About OMP

OMP helps companies facing complex planning challenges to excel, grow and thrive by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution on the market. Hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries – spanning consumer goods, life sciences, chemicals, metals, paper, and packaging – benefit from using OMP’s unique Unison Planning™ concept.

About Rulex

Rulex is a leading technology company delivering a no-code, end-to-end data management platform, which orchestrates all the steps in the data value chain (from data collection to pre-processing and advanced analytics), providing businesses with high-quality, trusted, and ready-to-use data.


For more information, please contact:

OMP Rulex
Jan Snoeckx
Associate Director
Phone: +32 475 75 04 82
Email: j[email protected]
Massimiliano Costacurta
Head of Marketing & Sales (Industry)
Phone: +39 329 546 7837
Email: [email protected]
Paul Delbar
Technology Alliance Lead
Phone: +32 471 046 662
Email: [email protected]
Matteo Carloni
Sales Manager (Industry)
Phone: +39 337 106 6916
Email: [email protected]


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