People. Data. Decisions.

Imagine a world where people take the best possible decisions because they understand their data, and can transform this insight into real actions. A world where modern technology makes life easier, by helping people face everyday problems and long-term challenges.

This had been our driving vision for many years. In 2014 this vision became reality.

Since then, our team, together with an extensive network of partners, has helped clients from all over the world improve operational and decision-making processes.

Over the years, Rulex has received many awards from research institutes (MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge Massachusetts) and technological advisory groups (Gartner and Forrester). But the greatest recognition for us comes from our clients, on a daily basis.

Stay customer-centric
To build a world where data work for you
Stay customer-centric


We help people and organizations take the best possible decisions by seamlessly combining transparent data-driven knowledge with human expertise


Our Values

At Rulex, we have defined a set of values which reflect the way we collaborate with colleagues, clients, and all stakeholders.


Meet the leaders

We are an extremely motivated group of people