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Rulex University Program

Giving students a competitive edge in innovative technologies

When we designed the university course we asked ourselves a simple question: how can we help university students?

Rulex University Program

How Rulex helps university students

High-tech skills

We enroll university students on Rulex Academy, where they’ll find over interactive courses on subjects such as data transformation, analytics, machine learning algorithms, and business applications of AI.

All contents have been developed in collaboration with industry leaders to cover essential skills through real-life business scenarios.

Accessible courses

Rulex training contents have been designed to maximize accessibility for all students, whether they are following business and marketing courses, or specialized courses in computer science and engineering.

All courses are self-paced and can be taken on laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

The number of students enrolled on the program depends on the size of the department and university course.

Free software licenses

Students enrolled on Rulex Academy receive a free academic license for the duration of the training courses.

After course completion, all students can purchase Rulex software licenses at reduced rates (90% discount) for as long as they are in full-time higher education.

Professional certification

After completing training courses, students receive professional certification recognized by recruiters and actively sought out by F50 companies. Universities receive written reports on student achievements and awarded certifications at the end of the training course, and feedback on student progress on request during the course itself.

Internships and job opportunities

Rulex regularly opens internships for students in its Innovation Labs in Genoa or remotely. Internships can be for new graduates looking for their first work experience, or undergraduates/postgraduates who would like to base their university thesis on Rulex. Current thesis internships for undergraduates Along with regular job openings, a high percentage of internships are followed by permanent job placements. Current open positions in Rulex

Rulex University Program

How it works

Rulex’s commitment:
  • Students will receive free access to Rulex Academy and final certification exams for the duration of the course
  • Students will receive a free academic license for the duration of the training course for a maximum of twelve (12) months
  • Rulex is authorized to include the university’s name and logo on the company website, and to acknowledge its collaboration in any marketing material
University’s commitment:
  • Rulex will be included in faculty curricula, and at least one Rulex on-line course will be held per academic year
  • If Rulex is used by university students or faculty members for any kind of project or activity, Rulex’s name and logo shall be referenced in any published works or conference talks
  • Rulex’s name and logo will be displayed on the university website

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Trusted by leading businesses and universities

“I have taught students the Rulex AI application for the past four years. The Rulex AI application provides students the ability to understand data analytics processes such as Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL), Business Flows, Data Transformation and Data Cleansing. Students have provided feedback from internships and early job placements with great feedback of how Rulex benefitted them or how Rulex could improve their assignments.”
Jack Crumbly

PhD, Associate Professor, Management Department Chair, Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science, Tuskegee


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