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Make way for creativity with data-driven solutions

There are creative ideas behind any groundbreaking technology. Developing new solutions requires trial and error, where technology and creativity interact to reach optimum results.

Rulex’s no-code platform fosters this interaction by integrating data-driven knowledge with human expertise. Its solutions, which include data preparation, machine learning, and optimization, provide data experts and business users with explainable data-driven insights, which lay the foundations for Rulex workflows.

Using Rulex technology means always finding the best, most original solution.


Why choose Rulex

Building a resilient supply chain

Simple & immediate

Our no-code, user-friendly platform means anyone can work with data and obtain explainable data-driven insight in minutes on a standard laptop, without writing a line of code.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Versatile & flexible

Our software offers a full range of functions, from data preparation and pre-processing, to AI algorithms and optimization in a single environment. You choose the best solution for your business scenario, and quickly adjust it to your needs.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Fast & efficient

Our software enables businesses to see results quickly, thanks to a fast development cycle. The transition from concept to production is just a matter of a few clicks. Business ideas can be rapidly tried out, tested, and implemented.


All you need for data-driven decisions in a single place

Import and prepare your data to obtain fast business insights

Tired of wasting time managing numerous spreadsheets and different tools?
Rulex’s unified platform identifies the right data for your business problem and helps you manage them with a few simple steps. Rapidly import, prepare, and explore data from different sources, to create the perfect dataset for analysis, and export your results in minutes. (read more)

Data Insight
Data Insight

Make decisions with machine learning and eXplainable AI

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) algorithms, such as Logic Learning Machine (LLM), are one of the most innovative functions of Rulex’s platform.​
Integrating human expertise with intelligible rules, our software provides domain experts and business users with explainable data-driven insight that drives decision-making processes. (read more)

Find solutions with process optimization

Process optimization is a powerful tool for elaborating complex constraints and finding the optimum solution for your business. Rulex makes it easy to quickly pinpoint and resolve problem areas. Rulex has specialized tasks for specific optimization areas, such as replenishment and transport.

Data Insight
Data Insight

Enable trusted data-driven decisions in your daily routine

A common issue with machine learning and process optimization is that they produce excellent results at the prototype stage, but not in production.
This does not apply to Rulex. Our software supports production with anomaly detection, alerts, task priorities, workflow review tools, centralized modules, process and runtime variables, and more!

Why Rulex
code lines you need to write
99 Sec
to sort 10 millions of values
Quick set-up
99 Weeks
from idea to production


Award-winning software team excellence

Rulex AI

Rulex has been officially recognized by many important international institutions for its exceptional capabilities: in 2020 alone Gartner defined Rulex as a “Cool Vendor in AI core Technologies”, and Forrester praised Rulex in their reports on digital decisioning platforms.

While that is impressive in its own right, Rulex’s biggest achievement so far is how clients have been trusting the team with their mission critical initiatives for years, renewing their commitments for 5-years long digital transformation projects.


Master Rulex in less than 2 weeks

Learn how to build workflows, make predictions and optimize processes in a few weeks on Rulex Academy.
Our interactive on-line training courses enable you to take full control of your digital processes, while gaining professionally recognized certification on data insight, artificial intelligence and optimization, enterprise operations and vertical solutions.

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Building a resilient supply chain
Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions