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Data inconsistency is a dangerous internal enemy which, if left undisturbed, may damage several areas of your business (from operational efficiency to investments). Not only are inconsistencies harmful, but they are difficult and time-consuming to find when using traditional approaches.

Rulex Robotic Data Correction (RDC) is our AI-based data quality solution for the automated correction of both data inconsistencies and data entry errors in transactional and operational systems. It is a transversal, cross-industry solution, which has proven to be extremely useful for supply chain optimization, where master data accuracy is a crucial factor.

Rulex RDC analyzes historical data and automatically discovers patterns which reveal logical business rules, which can be used to not only identify errors in data, but also make proposed corrections. These rules can then be used to assign the correct value to new entries, maintaining the global data accuracy at 100%.


Why businesses choose Rulex RDC

Make work easy

Make work easy

Rulex frees up business users from the repetitious, time-consuming tasks of both finding inconsistencies in master data and maintaining business rules manually. Rulex RDC generates explainable rules, so users can easily understand why a specific decision has been taken and validate it.

Improve processes

Improve processes

All downstream processes benefit from high quality data, as this causes less disruption (e.g., fewer mistakes in the shipping of goods due to incorrect addresses) and improved performance (e.g., a faster inventory management that requires fewer manual controls).

Ease the set-up

Ease the set-up

What makes Rulex so efficient is that it is both flexible and fast to implement. Starting from a predefined workflow, you can customize it easily since Rulex RDC integrates into Rulex’s platform perfectly. This means you can move from prototype stage to production deployment in just three weeks.


Why Rulex RDC is better than traditional approaches

Traditional approachRulex approach
Why Rulex
Top accuracy
errors corrected
Unlock potential
time saved in set-up
Quick set-up
99 Weeks
on average


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We applied the Rulex RDC (Robotic Data Correction) algorithm to the hospitalizations data repository. Thanks to our partner Deimos Engineering, we were able to analyze the errors detected by the algorithm, consequently creating a model that automatically detects incorrect encoding in the Hospital Discharge Form. That was quite an achievement!

Paolo Vian

Research and Statistical Analysis, Explora


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