Augmented data quality

Rulex Robotic Data Correction (RDC) is our AI-based data quality solution for the automated correction of data errors in master data.

It is a transversal, cross-industry solution, which has proven to be extremely useful for supply chain optimization, where master data accuracy is a crucial factor.

By using eXplainable AI, Rulex RDC finds and corrects all errors – including manual entry slip-ups and business inconsistencies – reaching 100% data accuracy.


Why businesses choose Rulex RDC

Make work easy

Make work easy

Rulex RDC frees up business experts from the repetitious, time-consuming tasks of finding inconsistencies in master data and maintaining business rules manually. Business experts can then work on more rewarding and strategic tasks.

Improve processes

Improve processes

All downstream processes benefit from high quality data, as this causes less disruption (e.g., fewer mistakes in the shipping of goods due to incorrect addresses) and improved performance (e.g., a faster inventory management that requires fewer manual controls).

See results fast

See results fast

What makes Rulex RDC so efficient is that it is both flexible and fast to setup. Moving from prototype stage to production deployment takes just a few weeks. When the solution is implemented, big volumes of data can be cleaned in minutes.


Rulex RDC revolutionizes the traditional approach to data quality management

The traditional approach

The traditional approach typically requires business experts to be interviewed by solution providers to gather the business rules underlying the correct master data.

  • The number of business rules and exceptions can be overwhelming when considering master data across the whole organization.
  • Business experts’ time is spent in gathering requirements rather than focusing on business critical tasks.
  • The set-up process may be lengthy, with the first results arriving after months of painstaking preparatory work.
Rulex RDC’s approach

Rulex RDC’s approach leverages its explainable AI technology to automatically learn the rules which define correct and consistent master data. Starting from these rules, correction proposals are created, and then validated by business experts.

  • Business rules and exceptions are managed automatically by Rulex RDC.
  • Business experts’ time is limited to validating correction proposals.
  • Results can be seen from the very first iteration.
Why Rulex
Top accuracy
errors corrected
Unlock potential
time saved in set-up
Quick set-up
99 Weeks
on average


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