Improving data quality with Rulex Platform

Robust data quality serves as the cornerstone, empowering industries to make precise, well-informed decisions grounded in accurate and dependable information. Conversely, low-quality data poses risks such as operational inefficiencies, diminished customer satisfaction, ineffective analytics, suboptimal optimization, and potential loss in time and revenue.

At Rulex, we excel in providing customized data quality solutions designed to address unique business requirements. Our expertise spans traditional data cleansing, streamlined rule-based validation, and augmented data quality driven by our proprietary eXplainable AI algorithm.

Improving data quality with Rulex Platform





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How we ensure data quality

Performing traditional data cleansing operations

Performing traditional data cleansing operations

Improve data quality through meticulous handling of missing values and outliers, identification and correction of syntax errors, elimination of duplicates, and harmonization of fragmented data, amongst other data hurdles.

Each of these operations can be seamlessly executed and monitored in an intuitive WYSIWYG task, eliminating the need for advanced technical expertise.

Validating data with your business rules

Effortlessly define business rules in an external spreadsheet, using a simple if-then syntax, then simply import them into Rulex Platform, alongside the relevant data for validation.

Business users can swiftly test and refine rules, remaining in control of the whole process, and generating custom results and data quality analyses in minutes.

Validating data with your business rules

Leveraging XAI for augmented data quality

Explainable AI-driven data quality (Rulex RDC) steps in to detect and correct elusive logical errors often overlooked by business rules and data cleansing methods.

Rulex RDC leverages XAI technology to autonomously derive corrective rules directly from business data, consequently suggesting corrections, which can be reviewed by business experts, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the data quality process.


Hands-on data quality solutions


Multinational corporations face challenges managing information in various formats, languages, and sources, ranging from laptop spreadsheets and SAP tables to files in cloud storage.

Rulex Platform has helped many companies seamlessly gather and aggregate their data into a unified table format, streamlining its transformation and harmonization.

The platform’s robust data cleansing capabilities then guarantee a rapid improvement in data quality and accuracy, processing enterprise-level datasets with 50 million rows in under 10 seconds.


Rulex has empowered multinational enterprises to swiftly transform their domain expertise into business rules that can be leveraged to assess and improve data quality.

Business users did not need to understand how to use Rulex Platform. They simply defined rules using an intuitive syntax, allowing for independent modifications without relying on development teams.

The analyses generated custom feedback, tailored precisely to the unique needs of each client, making successive corrective steps fast and effective.


Rulex Robotic Data Correction (RDC) has been used by F50 supply chain corporations to efficiently correct master data, removing insidious logical inconsistencies which eluded standard business rules.

After a set-up and configuration period of a few weeks, the solution quickly resulted in improved parameter accuracy, increased productivity and operational efficiency, and a far strategic and intelligent use of planner time.

Rulex RDC was integrated into everyday data operations to maintain continuous data quality.

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