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Quickly pick up the skills you need to analyze your data through self-paced interactive training courses, to find game-changing insight in your data without depending on data scientists.

Rulex trial licenses are provided with all training courses to put your knowledge into practice.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Gain professional certification

Obtain professional recognition of your skills, to further your career and stand out in the job market, through our learning paths and certification exams!

Rulex Academy offers certification on data insight, artificial intelligence and optimization, enterprise operations and vertical solutions.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Join Rulex University Program

The Rulex University Program provides students with sought after technical skills, professional certification, and valuable practical experience, to stand out in the recruiting process.

Courses are designed for students of business, marketing, computer science and engineering.

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Hear from our students

Rulex is a powerful system that will answer your most complex questions in a matter of seconds. While its impressive capacity might seem daunting at first, the Rulex Academy will instantly make you feel like you can accomplish anything using the platform. Lessons are thorough and easy to follow, and you will discover a great deal about data science! I was not a data expert myself: after studying the modules on the Rulex Academy, I can now say that I enjoy playing around with algorithms!.

Clara Falxa

Integrated Marketing, New York University

The whole course really helped me to learn and develop skills I did not have before. I love how Rulex makes business processes easier for companies and for students like us to utilize. I really enjoyed completing every module and will be excited to use it in my near future.

Lakebra Murchison

Supply Chain Management Major, Tuskegee University

Rulex Academy manages to take complex processes and simplify them into easily digestible, straightforward lessons with an interactive component that allows you to truly absorb the information. Not only does Rulex Academy allow you to learn new skills to help solve real-world problems, but the Rulex certification also brings added strength to anyone's resume.

Maria Los

Integrated Marketing, New York University

My experience while using Rulex was great. The various features such as the videos & the hands on tasks really helped solidify a lot of information Rulex was presenting. The questions throughout the modules really help check my overall understanding and pushed me to pay more attention to the step by step videos.

Olandria Carthen

Supply Chain Management Major, Tuskegee University


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