Smart data orchestration

Shaping and managing data, while enhancing its quality

Data agility

With Rulex Platform you can import your data by dragging it onto the canvas or using dedicated tasks, whether it’s documents on a laptop, remote SAP tables, or files in the cloud. And once imported, data is converted into a unified table format, making aggregation, reconciliation, and harmonization a breeze.

After analysis and quick processing – Rulex Platform can handle 50 million rows of data in under 10 seconds – you can export the results into any format you need, even as an email attachment.

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Native eXplainable AI
Mathematical optimization

Data quality

At Rulex, we excel in providing multiple data quality solutions designed to address unique business requirements.

Our expertise spans traditional data cleansing, streamlined rule-based validation, and augmented data quality driven by our proprietary eXplainable AI algorithm.

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