Experience native eXplainable AI with Rulex Platform

Native eXplainable AI is at the core of Rulex Platform’s machine learning capabilities. This is to ensure not only essential transparency but also peak performance and unwavering accuracy throughout the entire forecasting process.

Rulex’s visionary founder developed an eXplainable AI algorithm known as the Logic Learning Machine (LLM), which has resulted in significant cost savings for global supply chain corporations, energy providers, and financial institutions over the past decade.

Rulex LLM generates output in the form of understandable if-then rules, which mimic the intricate pathways of human thought. These rules serve as the foundation for decisions that are easy to trace, explain, and execute, while ensuring regulatory compliance and respect of ethical AI standards.

Experience native eXplainable AI with Rulex Platform





Hands-on native eXplainable AI

Leveraging the power of XAI in your data

Leveraging the power of XAI in your data

The power of eXplainable AI resides within simple LLM tasks that can be connected to your data and configured with simple drag-and-drop operations.

LLM can detect and correct data inconsistencies (Robotic Data Correction), classify customers based on their habits, make accurate predictions on sales trends, and much more.

Using XAI to find patterns in your data

Select the desired input attributes and select the outcome you want to predict from your historical data, then let LLM do the work. Efficient, general rules will be generated, ready to be applied to new datasets.

Each rule clearly displays its conditions, covering, and error rate, helping you identify the most impactful features and make informed decisions.

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Using XAI to find patterns in your data


Where native XAI is a game-changer


Customer churn is a widespread issue that companies face daily. Considering that the cost of acquiring new customers is 6 to 7 times higher than retaining existing ones, an effective customer retention strategy is vital.

Rulex assisted a prominent software vendor in accurately identifying possible churners with its XAI technology and comprehending the underlying factors causing it. This allowed the provider to promptly implement effective measures, thereby maintaining customer loyalty and resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Banks and financial institutions continually strive to implement strategies that reduce fraudulent activities and the consequent costs. While identifying fraud remains a primary challenge, minimizing false positives is equally crucial.

Rulex and its partner GFT designed an award-winning XAI fraud detection solution, which was fully compliant with GDPR and privacy regulations. Based on limited examples of fraud, the solution generated reliable if-then rules, resulting in a 10% reduction in false positives and saving the insurance company 50 million euros in claim costs.

In sectors where decisions carry profound implications for people’s lives, the lack of transparency of black box algorithms represents an enormous hurdle.

Rulex’s XAI confronts this concern, promoting ethical accountability and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and trust between medical and research teams. Among the numerous success stories, Rulex has collaborated with major hospitals and research institutes on predicting the risk of specific liver diseases, to propose novel treatments and enable timely treatment of potential patients.

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Experience native eXplainable AI with Rulex Platform

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