Make your data inspiring

Create visual reports and dynamic summaries from your data, to explain results and deliver unforgettable presentations to team members and clients.

Rulex Studio is the creative center in Rulex Platform for building custom dashboards, which fully interact with Rulex Factory flows.

Rulex Studio


What Rulex Studio can do for you

See beyond data table

Bring your data to life

With its advanced graphical features and over 50 widgets, your data comes to life in Rulex Studio.
Create dynamic dashboards with plots, maps, gauges, charts, and shapes in a single workplace.

Improve communication

Communicate with visual analytics

Stop sharing boring spreadsheet reports, displaying results in an interactive dashboard makes it easy to tell a compelling story with data, clarify points during meetings, and present results to colleagues and clients more effectively.

Access insights easily

Remove technological obstacles

No technical skills, programming knowledge, or workflow know-how are needed to build an eye-catching dashboard on your laptop. If you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use Rulex Studio.


All you need for data analysis and visualization


Not only can you connect multiple data sources with Rulex Studio, it is also integrated with Rulex Factory flows, enabling the fast transition from data analysis to powerful visualization of results within a single platform, avoiding the complications of switching tools. And as the underlying data changes, you can refresh your dashboard to immediately show changes.



Personalize dashboards in minutes to suit the interests and roles of your audience, even creating multiple custom views within the same presentation, and switching between them as you go. Customize views while you present, by applying filters to focus on areas of interests as a real-time response to questions. Never again will anyone yawn during one of your presentations!


Brand professional reports and executive summaries with your own company’s color scheme and logo, conveying the feeling of an in-house developed presentation, without wasting time building from scratch. Or wow your clients with a personalized experience by using their branding.