Explainable AI in the hands of financial services

The financial services sector is constantly moving, adapting to new policies and regulatory compliance, and to the ongoing digital transformation.

Rulex puts XAI in the hands of financial services, helping institutions and business users approach current and new challenges. 

By providing transparent and explainable data-driven insights, our no-code platform improves key processes from data management to decision-making.

Rulex Financial Services


Why financial services choose Rulex

Building a resilient supply chain

Build trust and credibility

Rulex’s eXplainable AI platform allows financial institutions to work with reliable sources. Its human-centered technology provides users with insights that are transparent and easy to understand. Leaders can trust data and use them for making decisions with great confidence.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Empower business users

Our software is no-code and has a user-friendly interface. It provides business users with explainable results that do not require the help of the IT team to be understood. This means improved workflow management and efficient collaboration between corporate teams.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Unlock potential

Rulex’s software enables experts to engage more with strategic tasks by freeing them up from repetitious tasks. It provides experts with quick automated results that they can easily access and work on. Our software unlocks employee potential while increasing professional satisfaction.


Compliance and data governance

Using eXplainable AI to build trust in business data and to empower users is what makes Rulex platform so competitive for compliance. All processes are transparent and explainable; this facilitates the creation of solutions in compliance with customer privacy and industry regulations.

Fraud detection

Thanks to eXplainable AI, integrated with legacy rules, our solution can identify human behavior and suggest potential fraud while identifying new patterns in fraudulent operations. We offer vertical solutions for claims for detection – e.g. an integrated anti-fraud solution related to road accidents – and for antimoney laundering – by combining the rules imposed by legislators, domain expert knowledge, and insight emerging from machine learning analysis of data. Two shortlists are created: the first with flagged transactions, as required by law, and the second with potential suspect cases. The results are expressed in clear explainable rules, so fraud analysts can understand the reasoning behind all proposed decisions.

Market abuse
Promptly recognizing abnormal behaviors, which could hide fraudulent actions, can reduce the risks of reputational damage and financial loss. Thanks to advanced computing capacity and explainable ML models, Rulex rapidly identifies suspicious transitions, preventing issues before they harm the business.
PAD (Payment Account Directive)
The European Central Bank expects banks to provide greater transparency, especially on financial products, as a consequence of the payment account directive, which all banks must comply with. Our solution enables banks to automatically suggest the most appropriate bank account product, according to the client profile. Once established, the process automatically monitors whether the client is still eligible for the account or if it is preferable to present a list of new options.
Portfolio management

Those who work closely with customers must know their client portfolio, monitor it constantly, and simulate possible future scenarios in real time. Thanks to eXplainable AI, experts can see the bigger picture and can therefore make more accurate proposals to their clients.


Lending and credit risk

Using explainable algorithms allows to better understand and monitor all stages of the lending process, from loan origination to early warning signals to management of non-performing loans.


In the initial stage it is crucial to understand the risk associated to credit. Our solution allows institutions to improve the risk validation process thanks to the use of explainable algorithms. By combining traditional methodologies with machine learning logic, institutions can now integrate historical decisions on policy rules and manage approvals and exceptions with improved precision.

Non-performing loans
The European Central Bank asks all banks to reduce non-performing exposures and to implement a suitable non-performing strategy. With Rulex, you can identify whether credit should be collected or sold. For those credits where collection is recommended, Rulex also suggests the most convenient course of action in terms of success and cost of the resources. Thanks to eXplainable AI, Rulex’s models can identify the best strategy to adopt.
Early warning
Using AI algorithms, the Rulex platform warns of possible and imminent problems in borrowers’ businesses.


Marketing & commerce

Rulex outlines customer profiles and prospects in a clear and simple way, so sales experts and marketing teams can better manage customer relationships.


Cross-selling is one of the biggest opportunities for sellers. Everyone knows that it is easier to sell products to existing customers than to attract new ones. Why? The customer trusts you, and knowing his preferences means you can offer the right product at the right time. Thanks to our eXplainable AI and augmented decisioning, we can support your marketing departments in offering the best products to the right people.

Preventing churn
Customer churn is when a customer stops doing business with a company or ends a subscription. Unfortunately, according to recent surveys, 91% of these customers don’t explain why they are unhappy and simply leave, not giving the company a chance to put things right. It’s 6 or 7 times more expensive to attract new customers rather than keeping the existing ones. With Rulex, you will have clear understanding of the customer who may churn thanks to the automatic creation of intelligible rules, and consequently you can choose the adequate corrective actions.
Why Rulex

Reduce cost

saved from a single anti-fraud solution

Top performance

NPL success transactions

Increase efficiency

time saved in ticket management


true positive in fraud detection


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