Create value from data in financial services

We provide financial services with an end-to-end data management platform to build trust in business data and create value from it.

With Rulex Platform, banks and financial institutions can build data-driven solutions to improve day-to-day data management, decision-making, and process efficiency.



saved from a single anti-fraud solution

Top performance

NPL success transactions

Increase efficiency

time saved in ticket management


true positive in fraud detection


How we create value from data in financial services

Explainable technology

Explainable technology

Rulex’s explainable AI produces clear and transparent insights to take informed and unbiased decisions while respecting GDPR and regulatory compliance.

Industry expertise

Industry expertise

Our specialized knowledge supports clients through their digital transformation and helps them extract value from their data in the most effective way.

Solid partnerships

Solid partnerships

We work closely with outstanding partners to offer our clients personalized financial advice and tailored solutions.

Application areas

Compliance and reporting

Using eXplainable AI to build trust in business data and to empower users is what makes Rulex Platform extremely competitive for privacy compliance.

Our approach is transparent and explainable to respect GDPR and industry regulations while eliminating bias.

  • Fraud detection
  • Portfolio management
  • Market abuse
  • Explainable credit rating

Lending and credit risk

Bank clerks can employ Rulex Platform as a powerful decision engine to improve risk management, combining traditional methods with machine learning logic.

Explainable AI makes it easier to understand and monitor all stages of the lending process, from loan origination to early warning signals, and to reduce exposure to non-performing loans by implementing ad-hoc strategies.

  • Credit scoring
  • Non-performing loans
  • Early warning

Marketing and e-commerce

Rulex Platform outlines customer profiles and behaviors in a clear way, analyzing historical and business data and making forecasting.

Sales experts and marketing teams can better manage relationships with their customers, improving customer loyalty and understanding market needs.

  • Cross-selling
  • Preventing churn

Other areas of application

Rulex Platform’s technology can be applied to any business need.

We support our clients’ everyday data management in various domains of use.

  • Wealth management
  • AWP anomaly detection
    (gaming sector)

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Managing Partner Financial Services

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