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Catch the data agility wave with Rulex Platform

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We currently offer a free trial of Rulex Factory Personal.

Rulex Factory Personal

Factory Personal


Best for single users and organizations seeking advanced features and unlimited data, working in a standalone scenario.


Factory Personal

  • Desktop installation
  • Data limited to 10 million cells
  • Local import and export
  • Data analysis tasks
  • Data transformation tasks
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • MILP optimization
  • Model evaluation
  • Rule management tasks
  • Python/R bridge
  • Rule-based control
  • Technical documentation
  • Rulex Community support
  • Unlimited data
  • Code variables
  • Runtime variables
  • Parallel computation
  • Versioning
  • Advanced resource management
  • Auto-generated documentation
  • Modules
  • Network optimization
  • Customer support portal



  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) - 1909 or higher
  • Windows Server 2016 or higher


  • CPU with x86_64 architecture - 4 cores (recommended)


  • 16 GB (minimum)

Hard Disk Space

  • 200 GB (minimum)


  • 1000 (recommended)

Network Connectivity

  • must always be accessible.