Rulex and Milano-Bicocca University: research and training partners

Milano-Bicocca University and Rulex: research and training partners

March 1, 2023

Milano, 1 March 2023 – The University of Milano-Bicocca and the tech company Rulex have signed an agreement to strengthen their current research collaboration, extending it to new projects and fields of study, and to open a training partnership.

At the heart of the agreement is the application of Rulex Platform, an advanced data management tool, to the medical field, in particular hepatology. The project contacts are Damiano Verda, Head of Data Science at Rulex, and Alessio Gerussi, lecturer in gastroenterology at Milano-Bicocca University.

The collaboration dates back to 2019 and has already delivered exceptional results in the medical field. The most recent results were published in Liver International, in March 2022, in the article The application of machine learning in primary biliary cholangitis, which was also chosen to be the cover of the issue. This was followed by two publications: Artificial intelligence for precision medicine in autoimmune liver disease in Frontiers in Immunology (November 2022) and LLM-PBC: Logic Learning Machine-Based Explainable Rules Accurately Stratify the Genetic Risk of Primary Biliary Cholangitis in the Journal of Personalized Medicine (September 2022), which involved the collaboration of IRCCS (Humanitas Clinical and Research Center).

Damiano Verda comments on the research: “The work carried out with Milano-Bicocca University until now, which will draw new impetus from the recent signing of the agreement, has allowed us to test the potential of Rulex Platform and of the Logic Learning Machine model in the important and delicate field of medicine. Naturally, we are happy to have obtained important initial results, but we are even more determined to imagine new paths of growth and development, strengthened by what we have learned and will continue to learn”.

Other points of the agreement include extending current combined research to new fields of study, the launch of Industrial PhD programs, and participation in the Rulex University Program. The program offers university students free online training to build data analysis skills, which are increasingly a fundamental requirement in many lines of work, including medical research.

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