Supply chain optimization at your fingertips

In today’s constantly changing market, businesses seek supply chain optimization solutions that provide trusted data analytics and allow prompt actions, without requiring long development cycles.

Rulex does exactly that. Our no-code platform accelerates and optimizes every operational step of the supply chain journey, from inventory replenishment to distribution networks.

Improving master data accuracy better than any other software, we enable supply chain managers to make game-changing adjustments to their planning in real time.

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Supply chain optimization solutions at your fingertips


Why supply chains choose Rulex

Improve data accuracy

Improve data accuracy

Rulex’s software analyzes master data from multiple sources with innovative AI algorithms, and proposes corrections to increase data consistency. Proposed corrections are explainable and transparent so that business experts can approve them with confidence, improving overall master data quality.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

Supply chain leaders can proactively identify problems before they have a financial impact on business, and dynamically adjust planning real-time. This flexibility is possible thanks to Rulex’s ability to compute complex processes in minutes, before external circumstances change once more.

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Unlock potential

Data-driven solutions free up supply chain planners’ time from repetitious actions and allow them to engage more with strategic tasks. Our human-centered platform unlocks employee potential, increasing both professional satisfaction and business results.

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Increase operating income

Automating operational processes with data-driven decisions, while improving service levels, results in less inventory-tied-up working capital. Automation also reduces storage costs and increases revenues by minimizing the risk of stockouts.


What we do for the supply chain

Rulex has developed a series of vertical solutions for managing every step of the supply chain journey. Take a look at our some of our most frequently deployed solutions:

Master data correction

High quality master data is an essential foundation for any successful business operation. We offer a complete suite of solutions to manage data quality, from Rulex RDC (a tool for generating automated business rules and correcting data inconsistency) to data cleansing and deduplication tools. We are able to eliminate data errors by up to 100%.

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Replenishment optimization

The replenishment of distribution centers is a delicate and often underestimated process, which is usually managed via multiple complex spreadsheets. We optimize this process by offering an easy-to-use and flexible solution, which effectively responds to corner cases and exceptions. By accelerating process management, our solution liberates supply chain planners from repetitious actions and allows them to perform more strategic tasks.

Transport optimization

In large companies, transportation can be an extremely complex operation, as it requires minimizing overall costs according to a variety of constraints, such as loading and unloading capacities, transport calendars, opening days for centers, and penalty for delays. Our transport optimization solution reduces the overall cost of transport shipping, decreasing errors in moving goods, avoiding expensive last-minute firefighting, and ensuring service levels even in complex networks.​

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Demand forecasting

Getting stock levels right by correctly predicting demand is a huge challenge for every supply chain; over- and under-stocks are operational and financial headaches. We identify patterns in historical data to accurately forecast future demand. Our solution is transparent, thanks to its eXplainable AI core, versatile, as it can be applied to different market scenarios, and extremely precise, improving prediction accuracy by several percentage points.

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