The Digital Decisions Platform for
Supply Chain Optimization

In a world that rewards resilience, Business leaders are looking for a Supply Chain Optimization solutions that help reduce tools and task fragmentation, giving Legacy Systems a new ROI through increased agility.

Thanks to its human-centric approach, Rulex’s Digital Decisions Platform allows teams to collaborate from one centralized place – it’s like developing new software without knowing how to code.

With a simple drag and drop UX, Supply Chain business experts, data scientists and management can take a business snapshot, work on creative hypothesis to change future outcomes and automatically execute the workflows they collectively designed.

Empowers your ideas

 People with no coding experience can easily implement their business ideas leveraging Rulex’s interactive, no code, drag and drop interface. Rulex is the triumph of business experience over the limitations of excessively rigid or overly complex software.

Aggregates all data in one place

Rulex aggregates all the data decisions need to make in one place, allowing data scientists and business process experts to use their models and activate their workflows simultaneously.

Unlocks superior performance

Rulex is incredibly fast and can be used directly from a simple laptop. It reduces the execution of extremely complex, global workflows from hours down to minutes, giving Operations leaders a chance to modify processes in due course.

Manages complexity

Designed to automate decisions in global CPG supply chains, Rulex can automate all workflows from the simplest to the most complex, developed and executed in different continents. 

Keeps you in control

Rulex’s unique Explainable AI, combined with the revolutionary Logic Learning Machine, allows insight to emerge from large amounts of data producing transparent, clear box results.

Is internationally recognized

Rulex has been recognized by the likes of Gartner, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan as an award-winning software supported by an exceptional team of experts you can trust for all your Mission Critical activities.

Digitalizing business processes means changing them. And change can be frightening, especially if you can’t guarantee a successful outcome. The truth is that the risk of failure cannot be completely removed from any digitalization project. But failing can be positive, as long as it’s fast, contained and you learn from your errors, as failing may lead to building stronger, more resilient solutions. 

Problem definition (1-2 days): the business owners and the Rulex team define the feasibility and scope of the project. The output of this phase is a definition of the data that will be used, any constraints (for example the maximum time allowed for the execution), a list of the people involved in the project and the risks (e.g. data accessibility, VPN access…)

POC/Pilot (2-4 weeks, iterations of 2-5 days): the Rulex team, together with the business owners, build the first prototype of the workflow and test the results against the expectations in iterations no longer than 5 days. Each iteration evaluates the results produced by the current workflow to define the changes that need to be implemented before the successive iteration.

Production (1-2 months): Once the workflow produces the expected results, it is then integrated into the related business processes. Integration includes the following two sub-steps:

  • IT integration: the workflow is integrated with the business applications which will feed the workflow or will be fed by its results
  • Business integration: the business team will be trained either to use Rulex (if they are the direct workflow users) or to correctly manage its results

A Proven Track Record

RuleX’s client roster comprises Fortune 500 companies in CPG, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Automotive and Healthcare. Our teams are trusted because they have the knowledge and the people to consistently deliver manageable solutions for extremely complex problems involving tens of key stakeholders and in some cases up to 500 users.

The Rulex team has developed global expertise on issues such as Replenishment, Demand Forecasting and Transportation Optimization for global CPG companies.

Award-Winning Software team excellence

Rulex has been officially recognized by many important international institutions for its exceptional capabilities: in 2020 alone Gartner defined Rulex as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies, Forrester praised Rulex in its Now Tech report on Digital Decision Platforms, and important institutions such as Frost & Sullivan and Unicredit assigned Rulex professional awards.

While that is impressive in its own right, RuleX’s biggest achievement so far is how clients have been trusting the team with their Mission Critical Initiatives for years, renewing their commitments for 5 years long Digital Transformation Plans.

How do we work with you?

The first step is to ensure your initiative is in line with what we can do for you. Is your business goal clear? Would the solution that you have in mind for your business benefit from Rulex?

Once we have assessed our basic business alignment, RuleX’s team of experts will help you decipher what data you need for the decisions you want to automate, guide you through how we would build the workflow together and set the right expectations from the beginning.

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