Rulex Platform

Rulex is a unique software platform for explainable AI (XAI).  With Rulex, business and process experts can discover actionable predictive logic hidden in their data assets, and implement augmented, automated, and autonomous decision-making across the enterprise and the IoT.

Rulex provides powerful proprietary machine learning algorithms, intuitive, graphical desktop tools for every step in the machine learning workflow, and high performance servers for volume modeling and batch or real-time prediction.

• Easy Data Discovery and Preparation

• Automated Predictive Model Building

• Testing, Auditing and Editing Predictive Logic

• Extracting Optimum Business/Process Rules

• Desktop Business Decision List Productions

• Integrating Rules with Business Applications

• Cloud, Fog, and Edge Rules-Based Prediction

The Rulex Software Platform


The Rulex User Interface


The Rulex platform supports virtually all deployment topologies for modeling and prediction, also called scoring, from the corporate data center, to the cloud, to the edge of the network.

Rulex Deployment Options