Meet Rulex Platform

The end-to-end data management system where you can make your data agile, find game changing insight, optimize business processes, build dynamic dashboards to share results, and run enterprise-level solutions.

All of this in a single user-friendly working environment.

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“data can be analyzed quickly and effectively”

Rulex Platform


What makes Rulex different from other data management platforms



Rulex Platform has a light, WYSIWYG web interface where you can manage your data from a standard laptop, building solutions and checking results as you go.​



While you drag and drop objects, Rulex Platform writes the corresponding code for you, building the foundation for a highly-customizable and maintainable solution.



Rulex Platform is much faster than its competitors in handling data (on average at least 4 times faster when sorting, joining, filtering etc.), which can literally save you hours in a day.


Rulex Platform components

Rulex Factory

Rulex Factory

A single working environment where you can import and merge data from multiple different sources and formats, and explore and transform the results in a simple spreadsheet.

Factory provides a full range of advanced data analytics tools, from AI to optimization, and an intuitive platform for creating, integrating, and applying business and machine learning extracted rules in a drag and drop user interface.

Rulex Studio

Rulex Studio

An advanced data representation tool for visualizing data on interactive dashboards, seamlessly integrated with Rulex Factory.

Create custom reports to tell compelling stories with your business data, while interacting dynamically with the data in your flows.

Info Point

Info Point

All the information you may need on Rulex Platform components is at your fingertips in Info Point.

You can jump straight to the details you need by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in Factory or Control Tower, or search through its pages from the Rulex Platform main page.


Put your data to work through a multitude of tools, from data prep, to rule engines, machine learning, optimization, and dashboarding, all in the same user-friendly platform.

Data agility

Import, transform, and blend data from multiple sources and multiple formats.

Rule engine

Create, integrate, and apply business and machine learning extracted rules.

Data quality

Reach optimum accuracy combining data cleansing, rule-based validation, and XAI-driven methods.


Find optimum solutions for complex business scenarios with our flexible optimization tools.

Explainable AI

Peak performance while ensuring transprency, compliance, and ethical AI standards.

Advanced statistics

Perform advanced analytics to further research.

Catch the data agility wave

Rapid data collection from multiple sources, aggregation and reconciliation of different file formats, and the guarantee of consistent, top-quality data are all essential for hitting the ground running with your operations. That’s what data agility is all about.

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Why programmers choose Rulex Platform

Fast to build with optimized code
Can be checked at each step with a WYSIWYG interface
Simple to maintain and debug
Self-tracking and self-documenting
Easy integration of external scripts in Jupyter-like interface
No additional reworking required to implement
Complete CI/CD versioning
Inbuilt APIs, scheduling and alerting functions



Currently, we offer different licenses of Rulex Factory, the heart of Rulex Platform, to suit any business need and budget.

Rulex Factory Lite

Factory Lite


Ideal for small businesses and single users working in standalone scenarios and on a standard laptop.

Rulex Factory Personal

Factory Personal


Best for users who need advanced features and unlimited data but are still working in a standalone scenario.

Rulex Factory Enterprise

Factory Enterprise

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The most-complete license, suitable for enterprise multi-user scenarios, including features for collaborative teamwork.

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