Nailing your marketing and sales goals

Market fluctuations and high competition demand real-time and advanced analytics to understand customer behavior and trends before anyone else.

Rulex Platform gives marketing and sales teams a 360-degree view of their customer and product landscape by blending all their data in just a few clicks, empowering them to make quick, informed decisions.

Harnessing the platform’s advanced capabilities, marketers can run more effective campaigns, driving sales up through targeted up- and cross-selling and dynamic pricing strategies.





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Why Rulex is different

Transparent technology

Transparent insights

Rulex’s native eXplainable AI produces clear and transparent insights into historical data, enabling teams to define customer profiles clearly for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences.

Compliant processes

Privacy compliance

With its advanced data governance and encryption, Rulex ensures data integrity, security, and compliance, enabling marketing and sales teams to meet GDPR and industry regulations.

Intuitive software

Intuitive software

With a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop interface, Rulex Platform enables independent control over all aspects of data management in a single environment, empowering marketers.


What we do for marketing and sales teams


Data blending

Orchestrate data from diverse sources and format into a single view of information.

Customer analysis

Profile your customers with clustering algorithms and eXplainable AI technology to improve their experience.

Dynamic pricing

Adjust and update prices based on market conditions to maximize profits.


Smart data blending

Marketing specialists often struggle with managing data dispersed across diverse systems, such as CRMs, social media platforms, email marketing tools, and transactional databases.

Rulex Platform allows marketers to collect, seamlessly blend, and integrate structured data from any source and format with just a few clicks, providing a single view of information.

By leveraging a combination of traditional data cleansing, rule-based validation, and eXplainable AI technology, they can improve data quality, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data across the entire team.

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In-depth customer analysis

Understanding customer behavior and their future needs can be challenging due to the high volume of data to be analyzed.

By using Rulex’s clustering algorithms and native eXplainable AI technology, marketing and sales teams can navigate these challenges, gaining valuable and clear insights into their customers’ preferences and needs.

Marketers can then use this knowledge to tailor products and services more effectively, resulting in improved customer retention rates, and finding new sales opportunities via upselling and cross-selling strategies.

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Effective dynamic pricing

Leveraging pricing strategies can increase profit margins by 2% to 7%, but adjusting and updating prices requires the analysis of a vast amount of real-time data.

Rulex can calculate the optimum pricing strategy in just seconds by analyzing historical data, product costs, competitor behavior, and profit margins within the same workplace, while considering price fluctuations (such as Black Friday).

Using its eXplainable AI technology and Rule-Based Control task, Rulex Platform can extract price combination rules, and then identify the specific actions that need to be taken to reach target outcomes.

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Improving marketing and sales strategies

Adjusting e-commerce prices

Rulex helped a major e-commerce maximize profits through a dynamic pricing strategy, which calculated optimal profit margins at the category level rather than the individual item level, thereby avoiding cannibalization among the company’s products.

By analyzing correlations among e-store purchases, price fluctuations, and competitor prices, Rulex’s XAI algorithm extracted rules based on specific profit margin thresholds to identify the most effective price combinations for specific time periods.

A flow was then created to analyze and optimize pricing strategies over time using these rules, with continuous evaluation through dynamic AB testing.

Increasing customer retention

Customer churn is a widespread issue that companies face daily.

Considering that the cost of acquiring new customers is 6 to 7 times higher than retaining existing ones, an effective customer retention strategy is vital. The gravity of the situation is highlighted by survey findings, revealing that an overwhelming
91% of departing clients do so without providing any explanation.

Rulex assisted a prominent vendor in accurately identifying possible churners with its XAI technology and comprehending the underlying factors causing it.

This allowed the vendor to promptly implement effective measures, thereby reducing customer churn by 6%, and boosting revenue by 11%.

Running effective marketing campaigns

To foster customer loyalty and sustain business growth, companies need to target the ideal clients for specific products and services. However, gaining clear insights into customer preferences for alternative and higher-end offerings can be challenging.

By leveraging XAI and AutoML capabilities, Rulex developed a solution to effectively identify the clients who were most likely to buy a product.

By analyzing data from previous campaigns, the solution predicted over 90 sales scenarios, clearly displaying the key aspects influencing these predictions. The solution boosted sales and reduced costs by refining the target audience of campaigns.

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