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In a sector where competition is sky high, marketers need data-driven knowledge by their side to navigate the seas of changing consumer trends, now more than ever.

Rulex no-code platform gets ready-to-use insights onboard, to guide marketing experts in defining precise customer targeting and pushing successful campaigns.

Empowering marketing strategies with trustable data leads to increased customer acquisition and improved sales.

Rulex for marketing


Why marketers choose Rulex

Building a resilient supply chain

Empower marketers

Rulex platform merges data from multiple sources (e.g., CRM, ad campaigns, social media) while increasing their quality. Its human-centered technology empowers marketers with explainable and transparent data-driven insights for improving marketing strategy.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Run effective campaigns

Combining data-driven knowledge with marketers’ expertise, Rulex platform maximizes the potential of ad campaigns. It allows marketing experts to run more effective and timely campaigns.
This results in increased brand impact and customer acquisition.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Foster customer relationships

Rulex’s profiling enables marketers to improve customer targeting and to speak to their existing clients in a more engaging way. Providing customers with personalized campaigns strengthens their loyalty to the brand and increases cross-selling opportunities.


What we do for marketers

Thanks to our long experience in the field, we can help marketers face new market challenges, giving that essential competitive edge in data-driven decisions.

Dynamic pricing

How important is it to choose the correct pricing strategy for your product? Although the answer may seem obvious, as highlighted in a McKinsey study, which shows how sales can increase by 7% purely through correct pricing, many companies, which base their strategy on intuition and hunches, get it wrong. With Rulex, pricing strategy is data-driven and explainable, resulting in positive results and less tension in strategy meetings.

Recommendation engine

Suggesting the best product for a customer is one of the most important requirements for every e-commerce with a wide product range. A robust recommendation engine is essential for online sales and for selling high value-added personal products. Rulex provides understandable and explainable recommendations, which allow marketers to optimize marketing strategy.


Cross-selling offers great opportunities: it is a well-known fact that it is far easier to sell products to existing customers, than to attract new ones. Thanks to Rulex’s eXplainable AI and augmented decisioning, we can support your marketing teams in offering the right products to the right people at the right time.

Preventing churn

Customer churn is when a customer stops doing business with a company or ends a subscription. Unfortunately, according to recent surveys, 91% of these customers don’t explain why they are unhappy and simply leave, not giving the company a chance to put things right. It’s 6 or 7 times more expensive to attract new customers rather than keeping the existing ones. Rulex indicates which clients are likely to churn, backing up the prediction with intelligible rules, which allow marketers to take the most appropriate corrective actions in time.


Join the leaders

Rulex is a powerful system that will answer your most complex questions in a matter of seconds. I was not a data expert myself: after studying the modules on the Rulex Academy, I can now say that I enjoy playing around with algorithms!

Clara Falxa



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