Optimizing data management: the power of data agility for time, cost, and energy savings

June 26, 2023

Is my data agile?

Agile data is as boundless as your imagination. It can be aggregated from multiple locations, in different formats, shapes, and sizes, seamlessly merged and shaped into the form you want, is consistent, up-to-date, easy to analyze, and opens up a universe of high-quality optimization and AI forecasting opportunities.

If this is a perfect description of your data, stop reading, and get yourself a glass of cava to celebrate. Kudos to you!

If this description sounds like unicorn utopia, and your data dreams have yet to come true, read on…

Optimizing data management: the power of data agility for time, cost and energy savings

Why is my data wasting time?

Data is such a multi-faceted beast nowadays. It lurks in various forms, from databases to local files, and even sneaks into our email attachments. It can disguise itself as an innocent MS Excel spreadsheet, a tricky table in a PDF, or an elusive SAP table. But the cruellest twist? It never stops changing!

This relentless shape-shifting poses a colossal challenge for companies far and wide. Picture global organizations spanning countries and continents, where each geographic region collects data with its own unique flair – different formats, orders, and even languages. The result? A labyrinth of incompatible data that devours time like trying to pull on a pair of jeans on a sandy, damp beach.

Why is my data wasting money?

In the vast realm of data, there’s a universal truth: garbage in, garbage out. If your data is riddled with inaccuracies, gaping holes, and inconsistencies, it’s a recipe for disaster. Every operation performed on such flawed data becomes a dance of suboptimal outcomes. Optimization becomes a feeble attempt at “making it a bit better-ization,” while AI forecasts stumble in the realm of approximation.

But the story doesn’t end there. The hidden costs of inadequate data lurk beneath the surface, silently draining your finances ($15 million was the average annual financial cost in 2017, according to Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey). Inaccurate insights then lead to misguided decisions, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. The consequences ripple through every aspect of your operations, chipping away at profitability.

Why is my data stressing me out?

Data should be your ally, not a source of stress and frustration. Imagine a world where agile data effortlessly unveils hidden treasures, allowing you to explore, filter, and query with ease. Business questions are swiftly answered, useful insights and patterns emerge like shooting stars, and data analysis becomes a dream come true for every analyst.

Alas, research reveals a disheartening truth: data scientists devote a staggering 80% of their time to the laborious tasks of data collection, cleaning, and organization, while 76% of them consider this to be the least enjoyable aspect of their work. Valuable time is squandered on frustrating low-value mundane and repetitive tasks, instead of engaging in innovative endeavours, which can be more invigorating than a double-shot of Italian espresso.

Is there a solution to increase data agility?

In the quest for data agility, there is a knight in shining armour: the smart data management platform.

Yet, beware, for not all heroes are forged alike.

So what key attributes should you seek in selecting a platform that genuinely empowers data agility?

First and foremost, start putting time back in your working day by seeking a platform with the power to gather data from every nook and cranny – your platform should be a fearless explorer, collecting data from anywhere it resides.

Ensuring superior quality is paramount when aiming to drive revenue growth, and your chosen platform must rise to the occasion. Seek a solution that enhances data integrity by effectively addressing missing data and outliers, while also leveraging your business rules as a guiding light for validation. Additionally, harness the power of AI to uncover concealed errors lurking in the shadows, bolstering the overall accuracy and reliability of your data.

Finally, to ensure a stress-free experience, it is imperative that your selected platform possesses the innate ability to seamlessly integrate, reshape and transform data. This capability allows you to focus on the enjoyable nerdy aspects, while presenting results through awe-inspiring and interactive dashboards that captivate and inspire.

Rulex Platform ticks all the boxes (and more)

When it comes to conquering the data agility challenges faced by F50 companies, Rulex Platform reigns supreme. We’ve witnessed first-hand the pain caused by incompatible, low-quality, frustratingly unfathomable data, and that’s why we’ve dedicated a lot of our precious time to the art of data agility.

Not only has our platform become a beacon of transformation, saving our clients millions, accelerating their processes, and delivering remarkable results, we’ve also created a user-friendly what-you-see-is-what-you-get haven, welcoming both data nerds and business experts with open arms.

Hidden behind the simplicity of this drag-and-drop interface lies a powerful capability: every operation seamlessly generates optimized code in the background. This extraordinary feature brings forth a multitude of benefits, including CI/CD versioning and collaborative work, automatically generated documentation, swift customization, effortless integration of external scripts, and hassle-free maintenance and debugging.

While we haven’t mastered the art of selling unicorns just yet, rest assured, it’s on our radar.

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