Transportation 4.0

digital and disruptive

Transporting goods is still perceived as one of supply chains’ biggest challenges. It deals with multiple variables that could suddenly turn the tables.

Rulex Axellerate sets a milestone in the history of transport optimization, orchestrating complex transportation networks in seconds.

Loading and unloading capacities, transport calendars, distribution centers’ opening days, penalties for delays, all these constraints are used by Rulex Axellerate to formulate the most efficient and cost-effective response to soothe logistic headaches.


Why Supply Chains choose Rulex Axellerate

Make work easy

Make decisions fast

Our solution computes a high number of data while considering a variety of constraints. Its disruptive speed of execution accelerates the decision-making process, allowing supply chains to manage complex transport networks in less than a minute.

Improve processes

Plan in advance

Rulex Axellerate formulates the most efficient transportation planning spanning a long time frame. Knowing what you need today and what you will need in the future offers a game-changing advantage. You can manage resources with more confidence and negotiate better deals with suppliers.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Our solution provides an optimal shipping plans at lane/day level, for a specific set of production and distribution centers. Having full control of your transport operations minimizes overall costs. It decreases errors in moving goods and avoids expensive last-minute firefighting.

Why Rulex
Execution speed
times quicker than competitors
Forward planning
days planned in one go
Top performance
10 ML
shipments planned in 30 minutes