RAISE – Cascade Call

The DAFIOLog initiative is born out of the necessity to establish a robust data aggregation and governance framework capable of supporting the diverse range of stakeholders, both public and private, operating within and around the Port. This framework addresses the unique challenges posed by the Port’s role as a logistical hub, particularly in the sorting of goods, with a focus on containers. The Port serves as a nexus where containers enter and exit via sea, road, and rail, while various sorting activities occur within its confines. The stakeholders involved, including the Harbor Master’s Office and local administrations, collectively form a Business Community overseen by the Port Authority. It is imperative for the Port Authority to have comprehensive insights into all Port activities. Additionally, other entities may require access to external databases for monitoring purposes, albeit temporarily. Given the decentralized nature of this information, a data fusion platform is essential, accommodating varying access rights of stakeholders. Furthermore, the platform should integrate Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to enhance stakeholders’ decision-making processes.

The project will create a platform capable to aggregate data related to the Port and to provide Business and Artificial Intelligence services. This general objectives will be reached by means of three specific milestones:

  1. An information sharing module between different systems.
  2. A system for sharing and synchronizing information between systems and spreadsheets. This allows the development of analyses and dashboard by several users having access only to a part of the data.
  3. A module that implements Businss Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence according to the needs of stakeholders involved in the Port activities.

Hub Telematica Srl, DocSpace Srl, Rulex Innovation Labs Srl, Enginfo Srl, Athena Srl

The projects was funded by RAISE – Call for Industrial Research and Experimental Development projects in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Head of R&D Projects