POR FESR 2021-2027 – OS 1.1 – Azione 1.1.1

The project is driven by the substantial changes occurring in the transport and logistics sector, encompassing both Business Transformation and Digital Transformation. Business Transformation involves the emergence of Global Logistics Operators, who manage end-to-end logistics operations and reshape traditional shipping paradigms. These operators wield significant influence by extending their reach to encompass storage, intermodal shift warehouses, and various transportation modes, offering comprehensive services from origin to destination. Additionally, there’s a focus on enhancing resilience through adaptive business processes, essential for responding to unexpected events such as infrastructure collapses or traffic disruptions. On the other hand, Digital Transformation is characterized by advancements in technologies like Blockchain, machine learning, Edge computing, IoT, and data certification, promising to revolutionize logistics operations. These technologies enable automation, data analysis, tracking, and certification, empowering businesses to optimize processes and enhance product quality. In light of these transformations, stakeholders in the logistics, port, and transport sectors must embrace these technologies to actively shape and benefit from the evolving landscape.

The project will create a platform composed by four modules:

  1. a core event log based on blockchain technology
  2. a data analytics and decision support module
  3. a transaction certifier and
  4. a module for integration with external services.

Hub Telematica Srl, University of Genoa, Spediservices Srl, Rulex Innovation Labs Srl

The project was funded by Region Liguria, program: POR FESR 2021-2027 – OS 1.1 – Azione 1.1.1

Head of R&D Projects