Get a bird’s-eye view of your data

Business data can reveal many different insights if you observe them from another perspective, perhaps a higher and broader one. This is the idea behind the creation of Rulex Control Tower, an advanced tool for visualizing data insights on interactive dashboards.

By creating charts and graphs from business data, users can better explore relationships in data and deliver more effective presentations to team members and clients.

Rulex Control Tower


Why choose Rulex Control Tower

See beyond data table

See beyond data tables

Display your data on an interactive dashboard. Create plots, charts, shapes, and gauges in a single workplace to better read data insights and explore patterns. Refine visual analytics adding filters and drilldowns to question your data and make ground-breaking discoveries.

Improve communication

Improve communication

Visualizing data in a dashboard makes insights more understandable and straightforward, especially to non-technical decision-makers. Dynamic visualizations can help you make your point clear during meetings, presenting your findings to colleagues and clients more effectively.

Access insights easily

Access insights easily

Combine data from various sources, and visualize them in a single workplace, without writing a single line of code. Our user-friendly interface allows non-technical users to play with data, creating easy-to-read and eye-catching dashboards on a standard laptop.


All you need for data visualization

Rulex Control Tower has three different working modes to prepare your data and create and display dashboards. You can switch between them to instantly check results.


Collect and merge data from multiple datasets, then view, prepare and explore the results in a single data table. The results of those operations will then be displayed on your dashboard.

In the video, we import the dataset of a company workforce, and perform some basic data-preparation operations, such as filtering data to display only female employees over 30.


Make way for creativity, creating personalized dashboards from your own data: build plots, dynamic gauges, and eye-catching pie charts to highlight key variables. Interactive dashboards make data easy to understand and correlations visible at a glance.

Here we build a curve plot with the data related to the bicycle business in Scandinavia, to see how bicycle sales change over the year. To do so, we drag and drop some specific attributes (month, sales) onto the axes, and then distinguish each country’s figures by color.


It’s time for the wow factor, telling colleagues and clients a compelling story about your data through the interactive objects that make up your dashboard. Elements can even overlap, adding an extra level of animation to your dashboard. Never again will anyone yawn during one of your presentations!

The video displays two different plots about rainfall in Adelaide and Melbourne over the year, with an arrow pointing at the peak of rainfall. We select a portion of the curve to zoom in the data from July to October. Then, by using a filter, we put the spotlight on rainfall in one specific location.


Master Rulex’s world

Find out how to collect and prepare data, and build interactive dynamic dashboards on Rulex Academy. Here you can also learn how to build workflows, make predictions, and optimize processes in less than 2 weeks.
Our interactive on-line training courses enable you to take full control of your digital processes, while gaining professionally recognized certification on data insight, artificial intelligence and optimization, enterprise operations and vertical solutions.

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