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Building a resilient supply chain

Optimize supply chains

Improve every step of your supply chain journey. Our no-code platform enhances the quality of master data to offer you a set of optimization solutions, from inventory planning to distribution network. Relying on trusted data-driven analytics, you can proactively prevent critical issues from arising, making crucial real-time adjustments.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Advance financial services

Build trust in your data and manage them with confidence. Our user-friendly platform empowers financial institutions with transparent data-driven insights to improve key financial processes. We put eXplainable AI in the hands of business experts, so they can develop advanced financial models and improve decision-making.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Learn all you need to make data-driven decisions

Rulex Academy will teach you all you need to know to analyse your data, build your first workflows, get to grips with algorithms, and quickly optimize complex processes with our self-paced, interactive online training courses.

Vertical Solutions

Rulex can handle any data in any industry! We currently have many vertical solutions in these areas:


For all kind of expertise

Business Expert

Business expert

Make the most out of your business data, to set up better KPIs and make more strategic decisions.

With our spreadsheet-like platform, you can easily import data from multiple sources, explore big volumes of data, and extract valuable insights.

Thanks to our no-code platform, you can be involved in every step of the process, from applying algorithms to understanding results.

Data expert

Spend your time doing what really matters to you, without changing the way you love to work.

In Rulex Platform you can build your solution step by step, checking the results as you go, make changes fast, and implement the final solution, all from the same working environment.

While simplifying your routine work, Rulex Platform is open to customization and integration – meaning you can make the most of your data skills, and even integrate scripts into the platform.

Data Expert


Join the leaders

Control Tower
Info Point


A single working environment where you can import and merge data from multiple different sources and formats, and explore and transform the results in a simple spreadsheet.

Factory provides a full range of advanced data analytics tools, from AI to optimization, and an intuitive platform for creating, integrating, and applying business and machine learning extracted rules in a drag and drop user interface.

Control Tower

An advanced data visualization tool for exploring data on interactive dashboards, seamlessly integrated with Rulex Factory.

Create custom dashboards to tell compelling stories with your business data, while interacting dynamically with the data in your flows.

Info Point

All the information you may need on Rulex Platform components is at your fingertips in Info Point.

You can jump straight to the details you need by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in Factory or Control Tower, or search through its pages from the Rulex Platform main page.


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