White Papers

Rulex is a predictive analytics platform that manages and analyzes large amounts of data. Rulex produces easily intelligible if-then rules that explain a problem. In the biomedical field, Rulex has been used to provide insight on a variety of challenges, such as pleural mesothelioma diagnosis, neuroblastoma prognosis, new classification for multiple osteochondromas patients, and more.

Rulex guarantees a fast, reliable, and direct way of monetizing data. Monetizing data with Rulex has a number of unique business benefits, including automatic data protection and regulatory compliance, intelligible predictive models, complete audit trail, and much more.

Effective in 2018, this new regulation will impose significant restrictions on the use of machine learning software with the personal data of EU citizens, requiring that automated decisions in banking, insurance, staffing, and many other domains must be explainable to the people who are subject to those decisions.  Most machine learning algorithms cannot do that.  Rulex can.  Learn about the new law and how Rulex can help avoid penalties as high as 4% of annual revenue.