Life at Rulex

What it’s like to be a Rulexer

We are a team of enthusiastic people who believe a friendly, serene, and collaborative working environment is the recipe for a successful team. Here at Rulex, we work together for the best results and always find time for a chat over coffee and relaxing social activities.


At Rulex, our workplace is built on respect for diversity and inclusion, opposing all forms of discrimination. We grant access to the same opportunities, including career advancement, and strive to tailor our workplace and modalities to people’s needs and backgrounds so that everybody’s voice is heard.


In our research-oriented company, career development takes precedence. At Rulex, you can make your talent blossom through tailored paths, evolving from a Rulex Doc into a Department Leader. Just as the software updates, so do our skills. Explore career opportunities and upskilling programs.


Rulex supports and invests in fostering strong connections and relationships among employees. This involves team-building activities, informal events, and dedicated areas, such as the Rulex Recharge Room, which promote collaboration, relaxation, and mutual understanding.