What it’s like to be a Rulexer

We are a team of enthusiastic people from all over the world. We believe a friendly, serene, and collaborative working environment is the recipe for a successful team. Here at Rulex, we work together for the best results and always find time for a chat over a coffee, and relaxing social activities.

Women power - Life at Rulex

Women power

Our working environment reflects our belief in a gender-equal world. Over the years, we have been committed to increasing the number of women employed in the company, particularly in leading positions. Since 2020, the number of female employees has grown by 70%. Everyday our team proudly debunks the stereotype that AI technology is a man’s world.

Work in the way that is best for you

Here at Rulex, we listen to employee needs and together work out the best plan for everyone, whether that is working in the office, smart working, or remote working. Rulex provides remote workers with everything they need to work well at home, from office chairs to reimbursing internet expenses. An MS Teams chat makes remote workers feel part of daily office life, with coffee break and lunchtime reminders.

Work in the way that is best for you - Life at Rulex
Everyone is welcome - Life at Rulex

Everyone is welcome

In Rulex, we have built a workplace that respects diversity and inclusion and fights any form of discrimination. Everyone is welcome and the door is open to all employees who feel the need to bring up workplace concerns and issues. Through its “open door policy”, Rulex commits to creating a work environment that promotes open communication and supports employees in reporting potential violations.

We are social

At Rulex, we don’t talk about work all the time. We always find time for a friendly chat over a coffee or a game of table tennis to free the mind after a long meeting. We also like to organize social activities, such us hiking trips, food tastings, and regular BBQ evenings, to get to know each other better and strengthen relationships outside the work-zone.

We are social - Life at Rulex
Talent growth - Life at Rulex

Talent growth

In a company where a high percentage of employees have research PhDs, personal development is high on the agenda. Our talent growth plan offers every employee the chance to take part in internal and external courses, continuously strengthening their skills, and building new ones. Rulex is also focused on the professional development of young talents, offering students and research graduates internship programs and thesis projects.

Wonderful location

Let’s be honest, we are pretty lucky! Our headquarters are near Boston, one of the most fascinating cities on the US east coast, and our R&D offices are in the center of historic Genoa, near the main train station, making it easy to reach for visitors. Genoa is on the beautiful Ligurian coast, where you can find famous UNESCO world heritage sites, such as the Cinque Terre, and is the hometown of many Italian artists and architects. It’s also well-known for its culinary delights, such as trofie with pesto, focaccia and farinata.

Wonderful location - Life at Rulex