Vast amounts of data, increased user expectations, compliance, risk and emerging competition are but a few of the challenges Financial Service institutions deal with every day. In this fast-paced yet rigid environment, if institutions are to grow, leaders must be put in the driving seat and adapt their business processes to reflect market needs.
RuleX is built to speed up the path from the initial idea to the execution of new processes, by providing business leaders, IT, operations and analysts a place to collaborate in a user-friendly, drag & drop environment, where everyone can transform hypotheses into processes in production.
RuleX’s no-code interface makes workflows easy to build, and its Explainable AI allows business leaders to integrate those business rules they know to be true, with data-driven insight emerging from the Logic Learning Machine engine, mixing the best of both worlds in a clear-box, compliance-friendly solution.

“ Client Quote….”

“… The release of our anti-fraud solution generated a 10% reduction in false-positives and a 30% increase in channel management performance.
We accomplished that by adopting innovative data analytics to extract explainable predictive rules from data and consequently improving our ability to correctly identify fraud”

Clients choose RuleX because:

Its clear box technology and user-friendly graphic interface generates insight everyone immediately understands.
Results are presented with a clear visual style that promotes intuition and creativity.
Its no-code interface alleviates the workload of IT and data experts, speeding up the execution of new ideas.
Once RuleX has been implemented on-premise, and connected to a legacy system, worklows are run in just minutes.
RuleX aggregates all the resources and spreadsheets that management, IT and data scientists need in one central location; it is the triumph of management expertise over software limitations.

Application of RuleX


Insurance Fraud Detection: thanks to machine learning techniques, integrated with legacy rules, the workflow is able to identify human behavior suggesting potential fraud, while identifying new patterns in fraudulent operations. 
 AML – Anti Money Laundering: By leveraging the rules imposed by legislators and the insight emerging from machine learning, it allows the creation of two shortlists: one of those transactions which flagging is required by the law and a second one with potential suspect cases
 PAD (Payment Account Directive); this process makes it possible to automatically assign the most appropriate bank account product. Once established, the process automatically monitors whether the client is still eligible for the account or if it is wiser to present a list of new options


Origination: it allows institutions to automate the risk validation process. By combining traditional methodologies with machine learning logic institutions can now integrate historical decisions on policy rules and manage approvals and exceptions with improved precision.
Early Warning: it allows teams not only to identify potential insolvencies, but also to automate the best actions and combination of customer services to prevent them
Non Performing Loans: it identifies whether credit should be collected sold.
For those credits where collection is recommended, RuleX also suggest the most convenient course of action in terms of success and cost of the resources


Profiling: thanks to RuleX, sales and marketing teams can now easily profile for the following purposes:
Cross selling: providing sales and marketing with propensity information
Churn: help sales and marketing identify clients who may be moving to competitor services
Portfolio Management View: By integrating complex data sources into RuleX, users can create monitor portfolio performance and simulate new hypotheses in real-time
Next Best Offer: Starting with a constantly adaptive Dynamic Client Segmentation, RuleX not only provides suggestions as to why specific offers have a higher success ratio, but can explain the events that have caused that selection in plain English

Our Users

Business and Product Leaders

RuleX helps leaders translate their business vision and hypotheses into new processes fast, without the need to wait for new software to be designed. This not only reduces the risk of previously lengthy to realize new initiatives but it brings creativity back to the role of Management

IT Teams

The RuleX team works with IT to translate management requirements into a workflow. By connecting RuleX to an institution’s legacy systems, the RuleX team can immediately automate new processes in a Compliance, Legacy System friendly approach.

Business Analyst and Data Scientists

RuleX centralizes the work of business analysts and data scientists. In one dashboard, the team can now store all the excel files and models needed to take a decision and use the analytics tools they need to turn data into analysis and analysis into insight.

A Proven Track Record statement

RuleX’s client roster comprises Fortune 500 companies in CPG, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Automotive and Healthcare. Our teams are trusted because they have the knowledge and the people management to consistently deliver manageable solutions to extremely complex problems involving tens of key stakeholders and in some cases up to 500 users.


An Award-Winning Software and the best team


RuleX has been officially recognized by many important international institutions for its exceptional capabilities: in 2020 alone Gartner defined RuleX as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies, Forrester praised Rulex in its Now Tech report on Digital Decision Platforms, and important institutions such as Frost & Sullivan and Unicredit assigned RuleX professional awards.

While that is impressive in its own right, RuleX’s biggest achievement so far is how clients have been trusting the team with their Mission Critical Initiatives for years, renewing their commitments for 5 years long Digital Transformation Plans.

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How do we work with you?

The first step is to ensure your initiative is in line with what we can do for you.

Is your business goal clear enough?

Would the solution that you have in mind for your business benefit from RuleX?

Once we have assessed the alignment of your basic business needs, RuleX’s team of experts will help you decipher what data you need to automate your decisions, go through the workflow building steps together, and set the right expectations from the start.

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