Harness your data in Rulex Factory

Rulex Factory is the heart of Rulex Platform, where you can harness your data through a multitude of tools, from data prep and pre-processing, to advanced business analytics, rule engine, machine learning, and process optimization.

All of this in a WYSIWYG working environment.

Rulex Factory


Why use Rulex Factory

Harmonize business data

Harmonize business data

Stop worrying about messy data.
Import, clean and blend data from any source and any format and get started on your projects fast. This is what we call true data agility.

Build data-driven solutions

Build data-driven solutions

Build your data-driven solution step by step, checking results as you go, and only execute it when you’re happy with the results.

Handle complexity with ease

Handle complexity with ease

Handle complex business problems with a multitude of advanced analytics and integration tools, where no corner case, exception, or quirk will slow you down.


Harness your data and build data-driven solutions

Data agility

Drag and drop any data files, reshaping and merging them into a single spreadsheet. From there, optimize your analysis by easily cleaning, sorting, filtering, and querying your data.

Rule engine

Improve the efficiency of your decision-making processes by identifying, integrating, and applying business rules to improve the quality of your underlying data.

Data quality

Reach optimum accuracy by combining a range of data quality solutions, including data cleansing, rule-based validation, and XAI-driven methods.


Find optimum solutions for complex business scenarios. With our flexible optimization tools, you can create your own data-driven solutions or choose from our range of industry-tested vertical solutions and adapt them to your specific needs.

Explainable AI

Perform predictive analytics with machine learning algorithms and guided AutoML, including Rulex’s ground-breaking explainable AI algorithm, Logic Learning Machine (LLM).

Advanced statistics

Perform statistical analyses on your data in seconds, from simple min/max and averages values, to Pearson correlation coefficients and Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests - whatever takes your fancy!

More about predictive analytics

Find anything you need to perform predictive analysis in the same drag-and-drop platform.











Welcome to self-coding

Rulex is a simple drag-and-drop working environment, with a self-coding backbone, providing all the advantages of a custom programmed solution, with none of the hassle.

Discover all the advantages of self-coding for developers

Welcome to self-coding

Why programmers choose Rulex Factory

Fast to build with optimized code

Can be checked at each step with a WYSIWYG interface

Simple to maintain and debug

Self-tracking and self-documenting

Easy integration of external scripts in Jupyter-like interface

No additional reworking required to implement

Complete CI/CD versioning

Inbuilt APIs, scheduling and alerting functions



Currently, we offer different licenses of Rulex Factory, the heart of Rulex Platform, to suit any business need and budget.

Rulex Factory Lite

Factory Lite


Ideal for small businesses and single users working in standalone scenarios and on a standard laptop.

Rulex Factory Personal

Factory Personal


Best for users who need advanced features and unlimited data but are still working in a standalone scenario.

Rulex Factory Enterprise

Factory Enterprise

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The most-complete license, suitable for enterprise multi-user scenarios, including features for collaborative teamwork.

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