Improve performance of utility companies

Large utility companies belonging to the energy and telecommunications sectors are facing competitive challenges now more than ever.

To keep ahead of the game, they need to both engage better with their customers and improve service efficiency.

Rulex provides your company with a single no-code software platform to perform both tasks. Thanks to Rulex’s multiple functionalities, you will be able to improve decision-making process with an immediate return in profits.

Rulex utilities


Why utility companies choose Rulex

Building a resilient supply chain

Improve efficiency

Our no-code platform provides explainable data-driven insights to help industry experts take the best possible decisions. You will be able to improve plant efficiency, achieving significant financial advantages, and reducing overall costs.

Revolutioning financial services with smart decisions

Foster customer relationships

Managing customer data confidently with Rulex’s software, marketing departments can increase their understanding of client behavior throughout their lifecycle. This allows experts to deliver a customized client experience and to improve customer acquisition and loyalty, increasing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Learn everything you need to make data-driven decision

Strengthen processes

You can protect your services from disruptions thanks to the constant and efficient monitoring provided by our platform. By eliminating the major cause of damage in the utilities sector – disruptions badly affect both the company reputation and functioning – you will make your processes stronger and safer.


What we do for utility companies

Our no-code platform is both versatile and flexible. This means that it can be applied to a series of use-cases.

Optimizing energy production

Thanks to Combined Heat Power systems (CHP), the heat generated for electrical energy production can be used for industrial purposes. The need of heat and electrical power is obviously not constant and depends on many internal and external factors, such as production cycles, weather, and holidays. ​The electrical power that is not used for industrial purposes can be sent to the grid and rewarded. Due to grid balancing needs, a plan of produced energy must be made 24 hours in advance. Different incentives associated with energy saving are also available. Correctly managing CHP functioning is therefore a crucial point since it allows not only energy saving but also consistent gains for industry.

Predictive maintenance

The shutdown of plants due to failures is a serious problem for large companies. Rulex collects production flow data, saving them on an MES system. Data are then analysed and processed through our advanced AI algorithms, which detect anomalies, test correlations, and propose actionable responses to issues that may arise. This prevents major failures that may lead to process standstills, resulting in disruption of production lifecycles. Effective predictive maintenance reduces costs by identifying malfunctions in a single component, which allows operators to repair the single isolated component, and preventing other parts from breaking. There is also an essential positive impact on workplace safety levels.

Improving customer satisfaction

Unsatisfied customers can have negative impacts on a company: damaging its reputation, leading to churn. Being able to understand when customers are not satisfied and preparing adequate corrective actions is crucial. Utilities need to analyze customer satisfaction surveys after problems have occurred (e.g. data outage) by region, customer type, and action performed. Generally speaking, analyzing surveys may lead to ambiguous scenarios, however thanks to its multi-variate analysis Rulex extracts multi-condition rules that lead to straightforward decisions. This has an immediate and concrete return in profits (revenues increase) and savings (operational cost reduction). It helps to find, understand, and qualify business rules that can support operational and strategic decisions.​

Preventing churn

Customer churn is when a customer stops doing business with a company or ends a subscription. Unfortunately, according to recent surveys, 91% of these customers don’t explain why they are unhappy and simply leave, not giving the company a chance to put things right. It’s 6 or 7 times more expensive to attract new customers rather than keeping the existing ones. Rulex indicates which clients are likely to churn, backing up the prediction with intelligible rules, which allow marketers to take the most appropriate corrective actions in time.

Liquidity planning

Nowadays it is becoming more and more important to have clear forecasts of cash flow. ​Analyzing invoices and payments, financial departments want to predict revenues day by day taking different patterns into account (e.g. long weekends, customer types). Typical users of this application are financial analysts who do not have any code-skills. They have strong competences in spreadsheets, which is, however, an insufficient tool for the complexity of the problems in-hand. Rulex, powerful and easy to use, can greatly help in improving predictions.​ Rulex can lead to improvements in the accuracy of forecasts compared to traditional statistical methods, and makes it possible to create new forecasts where traditional methods failed.


Join the leaders

“Democratization”, this was the final implementation phase in the EGO-Datalake project. Our goal was to enable business users to independently extract value from data by implementing analysis and processing models. In this phase, Rulex was one of the key tools which lead to our success story.

Matteo Fattore

CTO, EGO Group


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