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Work like a data scientist

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Online. Starts October 4, 2021
Work like a data scientist

About the course

Move on from spreadsheets and upgrade your data prep skills!

Learn how to work like a data scientist, using cutting edge technology in a user friendly no-code tool.

In only 6 weeks you’ll learn how to efficiently merge, clean, enhance and analyze your data, using Rulex’s drag and drop software for free.

Not just theory but many case-study exercises created by our experts, to get hands-on data science skills.

The course is online and self-paced, available to everyone, and suitable for beginners.

6-week course

6-week course

2–3 hours per week approx. effort

flexible learning

Flexible learning

online self-paced learning path

Beginner friendly

Beginner friendly

no coding or specific skills required

Get certified

Get certified

end of course certification exam


Rulex Academy manages to take complex processes and simplify them into easily digestible, straightforward lessons with an interactive component that allows you to truly absorb the information. Not only does Rulex Academy allow you to learn new skills to help solve real-world problems, but the Rulex certification also brings added strength to anyone's resume.

Maria Los

Integrated Marketing, New York University

The whole course really helped me to learn and develop skills I did not have before. I love how Rulex makes business processes easier for companies and for students like us to utilize. I really enjoyed completing every module and will be excited to use it in my near future.

Lakebra Murchison

Supply Chain Management Major, Tuskegee University

My experience while using Rulex was great. The various features such as the videos & the hands on tasks really helped solidify a lot of information Rulex was presenting. The questions throughout the modules really help check my overall understanding and pushed me to pay more attention to the step by step videos.

Olandria Carthen

Supply Chain Management Major, Tuskegee University

Boost your career

More and more business experts are approaching data science to expand their career horizons, as companies embed data-driven knowledge into the decision-making process.


of large organizations will have analysts practicing data-driven knowledge by 2023


rise in employment of profiles with data science skills by 2026

Data Insight Basic Certification

Course outline

Week 1.

Welcome to Rulex Academy

  • Getting Started with Rulex (installation) ​
  • Course introduction ​
  • Let’s talk about data – do you have what you need for your project?

Week 2.

Getting your data into Rulex

  • The bottom line of importing from heterogenous sources
  • Importing local files from your laptop
  • Working directly with remote repositories
  • Loading tables straight from databases – simple SQL

Week 3.

Understanding and exploring your data

  • Dealing with data tables
  • Visualizing your data graphically ​
  • Getting down to stats ​
  • Tracking your actions

Week 4.

Improving the quality of your data

  • Cleaning up your data
  • Enriching your dataset
  • Filtering/sorting/grouping your results

Week 5.

Creating the perfect dataset

  • How to create a resilient workflow
  • Reshaping data tables
  • Merging diverse datasets
  • Exporting your results

Week 6.

Try out your skills

  • End of course challenge
  • Certification exam


Course requirements and general info

What do I need for the course?
You only need a standard laptop with a MS Windows operating system (or VM).
What is the language of the course?
The course is in English.
Is the course totally online?
Yes, the course is 100% online.

Course modules

Can I skip modules?
No, you cannot access a new series of modules if you have not completed all the previous ones. For example, you must have concluded week 1 and 2 to access week 3.
How many modules can I do at a time?
You can do all the unlocked modules in one go, but you must follow a chronological approach. For example, when week 3 starts, you can complete all modules from week 1 to week 3 in one go.
Can I access all the modules from the beginning?

No, you cannot access all modules from the beginning. Starting from October 4, 2021, every week a new series of modules will be unlocked.

Do I need to complete all modules to do the exam?
Yes, you must have completed all modules.

Course timeline

When does the course start and end?

The course starts on October 4 and ends on November 1, 2021.

When can I start learning?
You can access the first week of modules right after you have signed up in Rulex Academy and downloaded the software.
When does the software license expire?

The software license expires on December 15, 2021.

When does the course finish?

The last lesson will be released on November 1, 2021, but you will have access to all the material and the certification exam until December 15, 2021.

How much time do I have to complete the modules and exam?

You have until December 15, 2021.

When can I get certified?

You can do the certification exam from November 1 until December 15, 2021.

Hidden costs (spoiler, there aren’t any)

Do I need to pay to enroll?
No, the course is free for the first 50 applicants.
Do I need to pay for the software license?
No, the software license is free.

Any more question?

Our team is available to give you a hand: contact us