Driving a winning MDM strategy with Rulex

Often referred to as ‘the golden record of information’, master data plays a pivotal role in making strategic business decisions that improve process efficiency, including planning and inventory management, maximize ROI, and drive competitiveness.

As organization grow in complexity, integrating new acquisitions and geographical locations, master data may no longer be golden, and instead become tarnished by inconsistencies and duplicated records.

Rulex Platform enables the implementation of a successful MDM strategy (master data management), including smart data orchestration, advanced quality control, data security and governance. This ensures consistent and well-structured master data across the entire organization.

Driving a winning MDM strategy with Rulex


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Multinational corporations grapple with the complex task of managing master data dispersed across diverse local and cloud-based locations, such as ERP systems with differing units, formats, and languages.

Rulex has efficiently helped global supply chains by collecting, aggregating, and harmonizing data from these sources, standardizing information where industry standards diverged for the representation of the same values.

For example, product codes of varying length were easily transformed to align with the requirements of vertical software solutions.


Meticulously crafting a distribution plan is pointless if it relies on incorrect or outdated data. Manual data cleansing is a labor-intensive task prone to errors, especially critical in master data.

Rulex Platform has proven instrumental in elevating the quality and accuracy of master data for numerous manufacturing companies, simplifying the process with if-then rules in spreadsheets.

When business knowledge is lacking, Rulex’s eXplainable AI algorithm is able to generate corrective rules directly from company data.


As master data often contains sensitive information about customers or suppliers, companies must securely and responsibly manage it.

Rulex is compliant with the most modern systems of data mesh and governance, offering saved sources and granular role and permissions control, as well as continuous traceability of access and operations within the software through SIEM support and log files.

By also adhering to the highest global standards of security and encryption (TLS 1.3), Rulex Platform provides global organizations with a robust framework to safeguard company-critical information.

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