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Data-driven marketing course

15 hours • online    150 $ 95 $    Professional Certificate

Give your marketing degree a competitive edge by developing the skills required to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Data-Driven Marketing Course

About the course

Learn how to deal with large volumes of data, merging different file formats into simple worksheets, performing statistical analyses with a few clicks, and exploiting the power of machine learning algorithms to find innovative marketing solutions, using Rulex’s cutting edge technology.

The course includes a free 3-month Rulex 4 trial license, for our user-friendly, 100% no-code tool.

Along with beginner-friendly instructional videos and clear explanations, you’ll find simulations and hands-on scenarios, to try out what you have learnt in real-life situations.

6-week course

15-hour course

to be completed within 3 months

flexible learning

Flexible learning

online self-paced learning path

Beginner friendly

Beginner friendly

no coding or specific skills required

Get certified

Get certified

end of course certification exam


Boost your career

More and more business experts are approaching data science to expand their career horizons, as companies embed data-driven knowledge into the decision-making process.


of brands plan to increase their data-driven marketing budgets


of marketers strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial in the economy

Data Driven Marketing

Course outline

Unit 1.

Data-Driven Marketing - Overview

  • Course introduction ​& navigation
  • Available learning resources
  • Let’s talk about data-driven marketing – do you have what you need for your project?

Unit 2.

Collecting and Importing your Data

  • The bottom line of importing from heterogeneous sources
  • Importing local files from your laptop
  • Working directly with remote repositories
  • Loading tables straight from databases – simple SQL

Unit 3.

Exploring and Preparing Data

  • Plots and stats
  • Cleaning your data
  • Enriching your dataset with attributes
  • Filtering, sorting, and grouping data
  • Tracking and backtracking operations
  • Creating the perfect dataset for analysis

Unit 4.

AI & Algorithms

  • Don’t talk about AI – an article by Rulex’s Head of Marketing
  • Demystifying AI algorithms – a dummy’s guide to the different types of AI algorithms, how they work, and when you would use each one.

Unit 5.

Making Predictions with Linear Regression

  • What is correlation and regression?
  • A little bit of math behind the coefficients (but not too much, honest)
  • Building a simple and multiple regression model
  • Checking out the results and trying out models on new data
  • Hands-on scenario, where you can try it all out yourself

Unit 6.

Increasing Customer Loyalty (classification)

  • The importance of customer loyalty
  • How to use Rulex’s LLM classification algorithm to identify the patterns indicating customer churn
  • Analyzing classification results
  • Business considerations on data-driven churn preventio

Unit 7.

Try out your skills

  • Certification exam


Course requirements and general info

What do I need for the course?
You only need a standard laptop with a MS Windows operating system (or VM).
What is the language of the course?
The course is in English.
Is the course totally online?
Yes, the course is 100% online.

Course cost

Do I need to pay to see the course preview?
No, you don’t need to pay to see the course preview.
Do I need to pay to enroll?
Yes, the course costs 95 $. The price includes all course materials, a Rulex 4 three-month trial license, exam fees and consequent certification (PDF and shareable badge on LinkedIn). No hidden costs.
Do I need to pay for the software license?

No, a three-month trial Rulex 4 software license is included in the cost of the course.

Course units

Can I skip units?

Yes, but we recommend you go through them all, in the suggested order, to get the most out of the course.

Do I need to complete all units to do the exam?

We recommend you complete all units before trying the final certification exam, as you’ll have three attempts only.

Course timeline

When does the course start and end?

You’ll have access to course material for three months from the date of purchase. The course is self-paced, so you decide for yourself how many hours per week to spend on it.
In total, you have three months to complete the course and take the final certification exam.

When does the software license expire?

The Rulex 4 trial software license expires after three months. So, if you purchase the course on June 27, the license will last until September 27.

When can I get certified?

You can do the certification exam as soon as you have completed all the preceding units.



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